World Cup Phenomenon

I am a girl and, to be honest, I don’t watch football. However, the event that happens once in every 4 years is about to happen this month (Well, actually the first game already played when I write this post.) and people around me are talking about nothing else but the World Cup. As a good advertiser, I have to make myself always up-to-date, it means to talk what the majority of my friends are talking about, to be a part of their conversation to avoid myself from being left behind. The brands act as similar as me. They want to be in consumers’ mind at all times, to be talked about, to be recognized.


It’s said that football is “The Sport of Mankind.” Why? According to Tim Vickery, a Rio-based soccer journalist, “Football is a universal language that we speak with different accents.” I strongly agree with him and want to add some more reasons of why everyone loves football. I think it is because of its simple rules, the football game isn’t complicated. Furthermore, to play football, it requires only few equipment — a ball and two rocks or sticks to mark a goal at either end. Once you know how to play, it’s fun to watch the game.

Here are some interesting statistics from the previous 2010 World Cup.

  • 3.2 billion people or 46.4% of the population watched a minimum of one minute during the tournament
  • 188.4 million average of viewers for each match
  • Audiences were from 80 territories, making up 70% of the world’s population

These powerful statistic of the World Cup attracts a lot of brands to launch a campaign during the 2014 World Cup month. One campaign that I want to talk about today is Nike’s campaign called ‘Risk Everything.’

A five-minute animation called ‘The Last Game’ is created and posted on Youtube. It’s a story about a football battle between the clones of the world’s greatest soccer player and the original players. Believing that risk-free football is more effective, the scientist who creates evil clones aims to build a flawless soccer team. The players’ spirit is taken out of the game, only flawless decision making remains. The original players are to risk everything to prove that he is wrong. The Last Game is the last chance of the original players to bring back the game’s spirit

I really love the phrase that is said in the story, ‘Remember what makes you great. You are not afraid to take risk. You play like it’s just a game. They play like it’s a job. You risk everything to win.’

It projects the core attitude of Nike, Just Do It, very clearly. No matter how hard the game is, just do the best ones can and it will turn out great.


5 thoughts on “World Cup Phenomenon

  1. The World Cup is fun to watch, but I’ll admit that once it’s over, the sport of soccer generally leaves my mind. It’s funny how in the U.S the World Cup can be so huge for a few weeks in a summer every four years, but the sport still hasn’t really caught on in America as our other professional sports like football, baseball or basketball. The United States’ Major League Soccer has a small and dedicated following, but you’ll never see a MLS game on one of the big four networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX) like you will the NFL, MLB or NBA. However, a recent article from says that the popularity of this World Cup in particular shows that soccer popularity is increasing in the U.S., so I guess we’ll see what happens:


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