The FIFA World Cup: Soccer Fans’ Fiesta and Merchant’s Carnival

The 20th FIFA World Cup now is the hottest issue on earth. No longer simply a competition, the World Cup is an entertainment and fashion event. 2014 Brazil World Cup is not merely about soccer, but also about the prosperity of the soccer related industries. No matter soccer fans, merchants, or neither of them, everybody has a reason to catch up with the FIFA trend.


1.Marketing in the FIFA World Cup

According to the World’s Most Valuable Sports Brands ranking, released by Forbes, the FIFA World Cup is the third on the list, whose brand value worths 160 million dollars. This year, more than 198 media channels broadcast the World Cup in Brazil. And the TV advertising revenue will  break a record of more than 2.9 billion U.S. dollars. Many Fortune 500 Companies, including Coca-cola, Johnson & Johnson,  Hyundai,  Nestle, Itausa-Investimentos, and other Brazil local companies, average spend 2 million each day on advertising during this 32-day World cup. 

2. Mobile Devices in the FIFA World Cup

From the report provided by the data monitoring company-AdMaster we can see that 71% soccer fans chose PC to watch the game. And more than 30% soccer fans said they would follow the match through their mobile phones. 

With the development of the portable devices, people begin to switch their discussion places from local bars to social media. Meanwhile, Mobile apps related to the World cup are playing an important role in people’s life. For instance, the app named SofaScore, which is used to follow the worldwide leagues and competitions, delivers the sports results to users in real time.Image

Another app named 365 Calendar can remind users to watch their favorite team’s match. Moreover, the Youdao Dictionary app encourages users to shout out their supporting teams by using different countries’ languages, then record and share the sentence on social media.

3. 4K Television in the FIFA World Cup

“4K resolution is a generic term for display devices or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels.”–Wikipedia


This year, there are three games will be broadcasted in 4K resolution signal during the FIFA Brazil. This news excited the Television maker. The DisplaySearch released a report showed that 4K TV production expected to grow from 160 million units in 2013, up to 12.3 million units in 2014, the annual increase of more than 6 times.

Even though the majority of the television stations are not able to broadcast 4K signal, some of the Internet video service providers like Netflix and Youtube said that they will provide the 4K resolution video in the near future. The 2014 FIFA can be regarded as the booster of 4K television production. In Japan, Sony has started to construct the 4K TV production chain. Both Sony and Sharp depends the 4K TV to rescue their loss in TV production industry. Because of the World Cup, the concept of 4K TV has come into common people’s sight.

4. Women’s World Cup

More and more women like to discuss soccer games. However, the most popular topic about the game among women is neither score nor tactics, but the soccer players. Soccer stars’ muscles and handsome looks attracts many women’s attention.

Like Germany soccer team endorsed HUGO BOSS,  soccer players took photograph in M&S suits, both of them have successfully captured women’s eyeballs. Since women is the biggest consumer group, the World Cup is a good chance for the luxury brands marketing their products.


5. High-end Tourists’ World Cup

Rich people charter planes to Brazil watch soccer games has caused tourism companies’ attention. A tourism service company named HHtravel has launched a product—“ 45 days witness Brazil World Cup”, which cost 12 thousand dollars per person. Recently, Brazilian Tourism Bureau published a research report predicted that this 30-day sports event would attract about 60 million foreign tourists visit Brazil.

Soccer economic gets thousands of business opportunities on the road.


The Forbes Fab 40: The World’s Most Valuable Sports Brands 

4K resolution

4 thoughts on “The FIFA World Cup: Soccer Fans’ Fiesta and Merchant’s Carnival

  1. Mint and You are both tackling the World Cup this week, how cool!!! Reading both of your articles, I feel much more up to date on sports marketing.. kudos!!


  2. This article really caught my eye because you really showed how it’s not JUST about soccer. Maybe to some people it is, but when you look at the bigger picture, there is SO much more going on! How smart are the brands doing advertising? Getting the teams to endorse their product shows how strategic the teams are at these agencies. Being in the advertising/marketing field, I know they were probably planning this for YEARS. It’s funny because TV ads are only 30-60 seconds, and people just quickly flip through print ads, but the amount of time planning the ad and the amount of money put behind it is insane! I know a few people who went to Brazil to attend the World Cup, and I bet the country is overwhelmed with the amount of visitors and new tourists they have. I wonder how local and small shops are handling the boom of business coming in! Really enjoyed this post!


  3. Another thing is that, because of the 2014 World Cup, the Univision, a Spanish language broadcast television network in the United States that is owned by Univision Communications makes the most search site recently. It has free and fast stream video of every game. 4K is definitely an amazing tech for all the audience, who have the devices that can play 4K resolution.


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