Social Media, Self Esteem and Selfies

Social Media has taken over the world literally! Who knew that sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter would become our new found daily doses of expresso? We thrive off likes and comments on the pictures, videos and statuses we post! It is a double edged sword because it can help and hinder an individual! As a recent college (undergrad) graduate and current graduate student life has gotten so real so fast! I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram! Why because my life is not picture worthy 60% of the time!  People post almost every waking moment on the internet! Why would I want to post the email I got from job that I applied for that said I didn’t get it. Or my bills that are past due because the job I got after college was not all its cracked up to be! Yes I am just venting but honestly do we really like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?

The idea that being 24 is not filled with bottomless mimosas, trips to vegas and an unlimited pair of Louboutins was validated through instagram. I mean I actually do not believe that people post pictures to make themselves feel better; WAIT yes I do! The weird thing is I do not get mad at the people who post I get mad at myself because my life is not Instagram ready! A while back gucci mane made a song “photo shoot” who knew that he would be on to something? Now a days we do everything for a post!


Studies even show that social media can help but does some hindering probably usually more than it intends too.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.49.43 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.49.30 AM


Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.50.04 AM


SEE; they said it not me; I totally agree though. The hard thing is not getting on these sites because they tend to become addictive. It is like we get a high from seeing how are friends are doing, who they are dating or even their new job promotion. I mean don’t get me wrong social media is not all bad right? I am just concerned about the self esteem of those who look at it all day! Like mine; I mean I am generally not an insecure person but sometimes I feel inadequate!  Are our lives ever where we want them? Or is that just a notion that was provided to us by Instagram,Facebook and Twitter? Our lives revolve around these networks but truth is sometimes we even live a double life! There are times where we (well maybe I) take the time to gloat on success because the whole word needs to know that  I went Chile for two weeks. Or next year they will know that I graduated from graduate school! I feed off my own success and I want others to as well!

Actually I think social media is there to tell our story through photos, status and post! So one day we can look at our progress and push further! And maybe even post more photos! But it is our story none the less!



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3 thoughts on “Social Media, Self Esteem and Selfies

  1. This is a great post Nia. I read a study done about the narcissism photos produce on Facebook. People believe that other peoples lives are better than their own because of the pictures posted to their site. This can lead to depression for many people. The YouTube video definitely is on to something!


  2. This is a great post, its sad how social media has took over the lives of many people, and its even really sad that a persons self esteem could be affected because of it. You should see the results are alarming how many people hurt themselves because of it.


  3. I agree with all the negative effect that social media have on our lives. When I first saw hundreds of people spending their time checking and posting stuff over the Internet, I immediately thought that a large majority of population is experiencing problems in having normal relationship based on conversation in real, every day life. In addition, I believe that people who post every single event of their life on social media platforms have serious problem with their histrionic personality and need a social recognition over the Internet because they cannot appreciate their own value living a private life.


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