What Kind of Digital Marketer Are You?

Each of us has a different approach in using social media. Thinking in these terms the former Seattle marketing software provider company Optify, closed in September 2013, gave last year a list of seven different types of digital marketers. People were classified depending on their favorite social media and way to act online. So, take a look and answer to the question: What kind of Digital marketer are you?
Let me help you a little bit. Which kind of social network do you use more and why?
As Optify suggested in its list, the seven kinds of digital marketers are classified based on their online preferences.
First, The Data Whiz, or data-obsessed type, has as favorite social network Google+ because of the opportunity to run analytics.
Second, the E-Artist, in love with attractive graphics, considers Pinterest as the coolest social network to use and enjoys sharing pix online.
If Facebook is you favorite social media, you probably belong to the Social Media master category, while if you like everything is written in the Beta programming language you might consider yourself as a Beta Tester.
Have you ever used a symbol or an #hashtag in a email subject line? If your answer is yes, you are The Marketing Megaphone type and your favorite social network is Twitter.
Is MySpace your favorite social network? Do you believe that there is a clear distinction between the online and the offline experience? Dude, you belong to the Old school Advertiser category.
Finally, if your blog is your favorite social network on the online world you can definitely consider yourself as the Snarky Marketer. As Optify in its chart suggests you are doing wrong ignoring multi-channel marketing. In addition, an error common to the majority of brands is that the 70% of them don’t personalize their emails even if personalized promotional emails result in more that six times higher revenue and transaction rates.
Wherever you prefer Pinterest or Twitter as Digital marketers you should never forget how many times users spend on social network and based on this data create your story to capture their attention.
As “The 2014 Digital Marketer” report realized by Experian underlines, for marketers is necessary to understand which are the most used social network and the average of time users spend on each of them. For this reason, the last report highlights that “from a computer, Facebook visitors spend an average of 21 minutes and 35 second on the site, just slightly more time than YouTube visitors spend during a typical visit (20 minutes and 44 seconds)”. On Tumblr people spend slightly more than 16 minutes, while they stay on Twitter and Pinterest 10-11 minutes per visit, on Linkedin and Instagram more than 7 minutes and half and on Google+ six minutes and seven seconds.


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6 thoughts on “What Kind of Digital Marketer Are You?

  1. I, myself am an “E-Artiste.” I believe the visuals are the best way to appeal to people. It is short and sweet. In this day and age we do not have the time to stop and say let me read this long paragraph to see if I am sold. Not at all, every one is busy and on the move. The image has to speak a thousand words for you. I do, however, believe is accuracy. Once you have your audience on the fishing line, you can then reel them in with the important “Need to Know,” information.


  2. I would also consider myself an E-Artist, though I could also see myself as a marketing megaphone. I love hash tags, and twitter happens to be my favorite social media network. I get a lot of information from on there, and its convenient.


  3. It seems like I’m also an E-Artiste, but also in a Social Media Master way. My favorite social media channel is Renren, which is the Chinese version of the Facebook(because the actual Facebook is banned in China, so is Twitter, and Youtube, and Vimeo, and blablabla because blablabla).
    I happen to have a renren friend who has been sharing others’ used stuff sale for free for more than four years. And because of that, he got more and more friends and even a meeting with the CEO of renren.com. He not only helps users sell things, in another way, he also helps renren keep its users somehow. We all call him Master Tao(陶老师).


  4. There are great bits of information in this post. I will remember to personalize all my promotional emails…when I have a business with things to promote. I have always been amazed that so much of success is just little things, like the emails, that take hardly any time, but yield huge results.


  5. This is really interesting, I never really thought about what kind of digital marketer I am. Is there a category for the integrated digital marketer? I find a quality and a benefit in old methods and new methods. I like social media but it’s not my main interest. I like plain old advertising and television commercials as marketing. I am a big visual and musical person. So this is really interesting, I have to figure out how I can effectively use all of my interests to become the ultimate digital marketer!!


  6. Thank you Federica, that’s definitely an interesting read. I think I am more of a beta tester.. I like trying every new app out there to create innovative campaigns. It’s the best way to keep it fun and creative and avoid doing what other brands do.


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