The Takeover: Instagram and Advertising

Hey digital mavens! Over time past couple of years we’ve watched with amazement as Instagram has grown to a global community with millions and millions of people who take photos and share these rare moments through Instagram.

I don’t know if you have noticed how certain brands we love have Instagram pages that are so flawlessly done. These advertisements you see feel as natural to Instagram as the photos and videos from many of your friends. I in particular follow Starbucks :

ImageJust a glimse at their Instagram and your intrigue by their clever way of marketing the brand of Starbucks. I am always saying “Wow” how did they think of that photo or video. Starbucks is one of the brands that are marketing masters through Instagram, with 2.5 million followers Starbucks is a brand that knows how to market well on Instagram. The key of creating a creating such a postive look to a brand through social media is to connect emotionally with your audience.

On Instagram their are other companies who have took avadgtave of marketing on Instargram in the last couple of years. Since “Instagram – which was bought by Facebook for $1billion in 2012 – introduced ads to its US audience in November. In a blog post, Instagram said advertisers had positive results which “in some cases [were] well above the ad industry’s average for performance”. The app said it had over 200 million users worldwide.” BBC News This proves that marketing on a social app is something most brands should do. Getting closer to the consumer and creating an emotional connect through their brand is the best way gain exposure.

What I really love about Starbucks being on Instagram is that the vast majority of the images on Starbucks’ are fan submitted images of from locations around the globe. The company encourages its followers to post their own Starbucks photos, along with a campaign-focused hashtag to connect the visual content back to its brand. People can add comments and likes and build a whole conversation around the looks the fans have created. I have yet to have my personal photos of Starbucks posted on their page, but one day I know I’ll make it. ImageBut even if I don’t, I enjoy how such a brand can flawlessly connect with its consumer and build its momentum through such a digital driven world.  Oh man how I love the branding of Starbucks. Comment below digital mavens and share your insights below! 


Gittleson, Kim. Instagram expands ads to the UK, Canada, and Australia. June 2014

2 thoughts on “The Takeover: Instagram and Advertising

  1. Nice observation! I totally agree with what you said in the article. It seems that browsing the ads now has become one of my habits. I don’t when my friends started to post less and less original contents on their social media account, like Facebook, twitter, and instagram. Thus, following the “big brands” official account is a good way to see some creative contents. I think Ins is a better ads displaying platform than any other social media, such as Facebook, twitter, etc, because Ins is more intuitive and visualized. Contents on Ins mainly focus on pictures and video. Therefore, it is easy to use visual elements to bring audiences into a specific atmosphere. Moreover, Ins restricts the content posting format, users can only upload visual content in a square window, which makes all the content displaying on the Ins looks well organized. This limitation even more stimulates users to challenge their creative within the little box on Ins.


  2. It’s funny you mentioned this, because I’ve never thought about actually following a brand on Instagram! I usually just follow celebs and my friends, but if the brands I love encourage me to post and use their hashtag, I would definitely post to be featured on their page and let them know of my experience with the brand. I think this relates back to my post about influencer marketing; it’s unique content. I would get annoyed if I was being served Starbucks ads on Facebook, but if I opted into following Starbucks on Instagram, I would actually enjoy the content because it’s creative and unique. Every single picture is different. I like that Starbucks features it’s users; they are actually following through with a promise of featuring them rather than just have everyone posting Starbucks pictures and then not use any of them. It gets people excited to wonder if they’ll be featured next. It’s also smart on Starbucks’ part; they are driving people in-store to purchase Starbucks products to tell their personal story….good move Starbucks!


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