The Central Intelligence Agency is on Twitter.

“The CIA burst onto Twitter today. Its first ever tweet had been retweeted 200,000 times and favourited 110,000 times at the time of writing.” (Lewis) You can read the tweet here <>. It looks like almost everyone has a social media page now. The reason there was such a great response is because they opened with a joke, about themselves.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 5.46.27 PM

My biggest question to this is, why do they have a Twitter and Facebook at all. One source shares my thoughts exactly, “social media is still a clear way for the agency to humanize itself, drawing attention to tweets instead of drones.” (Robertson) Is this a way to distract us from what is really happening? It seems that they will be using social media to share what is happening in the public eye with the organization such as live webcasts and event news. “The agency will also participate in Throwback Thursday,” says Robertson.

There is a lot of talk about the agency, and mention about how having social media “doesn’t mean organizations are immune from criticism online, though, and it should probably be careful about its hashtag campaigns.”(Robertson)

I find it strange that the CIA in on social media. I can understand the benefits, but it downplays the seriousness to me. It also makes me want to get rid of mine, as if social media is merely a joke, although I have learned many advantages to its marketing abilities.


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