Save The Endangered Animals From Having Their #LastSelfie

What is so similar between Snapchat and endangered animals?

What makes them alike is that photos sharing on the popular photo messaging application and endangered species are vanishing. Pictures shared on Snapchat will permanently disappear after 10 seconds as same as endangered animals that if we don’t take any action, they are soon going to disappear from our planet. The Grey group ad agencies, 41?29! in Turkey and Uncle Grey in Denmark see an opportunity to raise awareness of this issue by using the similarity of Snapchat and those endangered animals to create such an expressive campaign.

How the campaign works?


In order to reach young adults, five selfie-like images of endangered animals — panda, polar bear, tiger, orangutang, gorilla — are created and shared on Snapchat application and with the application’s function, these images are disappearing from a screen in 10 seconds. However, before disappearing, the image asks an audience for help. The audience can support the campaign by sharing the image through Snapchat and social networks, adopting the animal, or donating money through SMS.

The campaign reached 40,000 tweets and 120 million timelines in just a week and WWF exceeded their monthly donation target in three days after launching the campaign.


What I like about it.

This is a well-thought-out campaign with a great strategy. The communication tool is well selected to tell a story which results from knowing who the campaign wants to talk to. Furthermore, instead of using traditional media to get target audiences’ attention, the campaign blends itself to where its target audiences are.

The way the campaign executes the message is very interesting. It meets all three criteria that an effective campaign should have which are

R : Relevancy O : Originality I : Impact

Because of young adult’s lifestyle, they don’t like complicated message. Everything should be easy to understand and brief. A simple and comprehensive message as well as the tool that carries the story to its audiences are really relevant to targets. Moreover, the idea of using Snapchat to promote the campaign is very fresh. Lastly, it surely creates impact. The creativity in the work creates thousands of tweets and donations. People watched, people love, people get the message, then people share.


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One thought on “Save The Endangered Animals From Having Their #LastSelfie

  1. I love animals and the diversity of our environment and one of my personal goals is to help fight this cause. This campaign speaks to me. What a perfect application for this type of advertisement. What a great way to utilize the tools and social media platforms out there today, to benefit such a great cause, in such unique and perfect way. Great find!


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