2014 Apple WWDC–Waiting for the Next Steven Jobs

Just several days ago, Apple company has launched its new products at Apple’s WWDC 2014 event, including two new operating systems. However, Apple company’s share price didn’t rise after the WWDC event. Apparently, as a leading technology company in the world, this time apple didn’t satisfy its investors and users. The market is still expecting for two things from Apple: a revolutionary product like iPod, and a legendary storyteller like Jobs.

Next iPod: Either on You or at HomeQQ20140609-2@2x

“Where are Apple’s hardwares?” Apple’s WWDC this time really disappointed apple fans, because it didn’t release even little piece of news about new iPhone and its intelligence watch—iWatch. Even though Samsung is contending for Apple’s market, Apple still doesn’t need to worry about its new products’ sales volume at this moment, because the “fruit series” remains to be the most popular technology products in North America market. Loyal Apple fans, who called Steven Jobs “the hierarch”, are still going line up outside apple stores on the new product releasing eve.

Cnbeta.com gave the news report of Apple’s WWDC a title named—“The Transformation of Post-Jobs Era: Apple starts to listen.” Ostensibly, it sounds like praising Apple’s changes since new CEO, Tim Cook, has come to power. Meanwhile, it also intimates that Apple is facing the crises of lacking of product leadership. People seem not to consider Apple switched “leading consumption” to “catering to consumers” as making progress.

Apple needs a star product to create demand, other than developing a product to fit consumers’ demand, since most of the consumers don’t know what they really want until they see the product. Therefore, through this WWDC, Apple tried to convince the market that it is going to produce revolutionary products which can be wore on or applied at home. Financial Times analyzed that the new function,HealthKit, in Apple’s new system iOS 8 indicated that Apple is going to construct a “Internet of medical care”, which means connecting health care apps and wearable devices to medical institutions. More and more health technology products, which can monitor weight, blood pressure and heart rate will be developed by Apple in the near future.


Besides, Apple also introduced intelligent household application—HomeKit to audiences at WWDC. Apple attempted to make iPhone become intelligent household appliances’ remote control. For example, if you tell iPhone: “ It’s time to go to sleep,” iPhone will automatically remote appliances to turn off the light, lock the door and set the air-conditioner, as well as the alarm. Obviously, from this WWDC we can see that Apple is going to enhance its products in both software and hardware market.

Next Jobs: The Preacher—Craig Federighi

Apple lost a powerful leader since Steven Jobs has gone. People always tried to look for a new storyteller that can continue Jobs’ legend. Clearly, Apple’s present CEO–Tim Cook’s introverted and mild personality is totally different from Jobs. Apple’s development strategy seemed to become hesitating and detached without Jobs’ leading. And the market doesn’s really buy that Apple used such a moderate style to represent its products in last couple years. At this WWDC, Apple’s new senior vice president, Craig Federighi, won thunderous applause through his witty and confident speech. Some media even called him the “next Jobs.”


During this 30-minute presentation at 2014 WWDC, Apple successfully engaged audiences to expect its new products by delivering a clear message that it is going to create more development chance for its partners, and occupy a central position in the technology innovation industry.


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2 thoughts on “2014 Apple WWDC–Waiting for the Next Steven Jobs

  1. I completely agree, Apple needs a strong storyteller. But it also needs Jobs vision and intuitions to build tomorrow’s revolutionary products. I have been an apple fan since the beginning but lately I have been losing interest in their products since I feel they are becoming redundant and boring. When they launched the last iPhone, I was so disappointed, I switched brands to HTC. I think they still can do great things though, if they stop relying on the past and start developing new ideas.


  2. I love your point about Apple needing a solid storyteller like Jobs. Even though products can sometimes speak for themselves, I think an influential person backing it up amplifies the message. Whenever I tell people I’m in a “storytelling” major, they think I’m joking. I think the word “storytelling” sounds a bit dated, like a person reading stories to a group of people. When I explain that I am learning how to tell stories in different ways across different media, they understand. It’s absolutely necessary to understand how to tell your story to your audience, so they buy in. When you’re genuine and have a REAL story to tell, it resonates with real people. Without a strong storyteller, some brands completely die out. Hopefully Apple will find its new Jobs soon. Being in this major has made me understand that brands need storytellers now more than ever.


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