Mobile Apps are Here to Stay

With the technology advances at an all time high… phone and tablet applications have take over the media world. The internet, used to be the main way companies would make and identity for themselves through their unique website. However, now many people and organizations can have their own websites and some are even more impressive than actual company ones. Now innovators are finding that they must come up with ways to stand out in the market and really distinguish themselves from the competition. The solution? Mobile APPS. 


With technology advances, smartphones are at the center of every user and consumer everywhere. Almost everyone own a smart phone and if you’re in the business industry then a smartphone is a must. You have the whole world at your fingertips and companies have found a way to be that accessible. Not only do businesses have their own websites, but it is found to be more efficient to customize a mobile app that is faster and more convenient to a smartphone user. 

Not only have these thousands of apps helped many businesses, but there are also the app creators. App creators are crucial an they are becoming really rich really fact by encoding the whole app creation process. They have created a solid communication object for a new kind of business for small and large companies to take advantage of. 


“The app industry has taken the world by storm, creating a micro-economy in its own right and creating jobs for hundreds of thousands of talented professionals worldwide. A successful app can now be the difference between complete anonymity and global digital fame.”

Apps are now the thriving business segment. The reason being, that app are available everywhere! You can be in your bedroom, at work, on vacation and sealing a business deal across the world. They are the main source of business when it comes to entertainment of media industries, since apps are designed for fast paced lifestyles.

These mobile apps are now being used instead of traditional media outlets such as newspapers and magazines. Which is why many of these companies have created apps to provide a stable subscription-based revenue stream to make up for declining print sales.

BY the looks of it, APPS are here to stay, they will become even more embedded in our lives: for both professional and personal use.


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