Instagram: Marketing Strategy for Businesses

In 2010, a new exciting social media medium became available to all apple iPhone, iPod and  iTouch products. Instagram quickly gained momentum and popularity. As an exclusive, picture sharing app, no one ever imagined it would reach the potential it has today. Today, Instagram is available on all smartphones, tablets, macs and PC’s. Instagram has more than 150 million monthly active users worldwide.  Instagram is not only one of the top social media tools around but it is also becoming one of the biggest marketing tools for businesses. 



Through Instagram, many companies are now able to connect directly and effectively with their consumers. The reason for this is that they are now able to communicate with their audience directly by sharing photos, likes, and comments. Through this segway, consumers feel that they have a personal connection with their favorite brands. Therefore brand awareness and  sales increase. The way  companies can establish and spread awareness to their brand is by using this new innovative tool properly to their advantage. 

Brands can use their Instagram feed with content their personal content in two ways: by creating original brand content and curating customer content. They can make their images and videos unique to them and capture the attention of more consumers. When brands and companies are being original about what they post, they have the opportunity to be authentic, and “in the moment”, which works best at connecting with consumers than traditional ads. 

Brands can really take advantage of Instagram by maximizing the success of non-traditional media advertising and marketing. In doing so, they put customers at the center of the experience and really engage with their consumers and target audience. 


Because of this unique way in which Instagram is beneficial to businesses, it has become more than just a social media tool. It has reached a point where all of the social media sites before it have strived to achieve such as Twitter and Facebook. Instagram growth is accelerating and so are the devices in which users can have access to the site. With technology at an all time rise, businesses can definitely take advantage of this new, innovative tool to maximize their company success and reach consumers at a more personal level. 



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6 thoughts on “Instagram: Marketing Strategy for Businesses

  1. Strongly agree. These days that consumers no longer believe in traditional ads, Instagram is a marketers’ life saver because it is the channel that can tell messages through pictures, text, and sound at very low cost. And consumers feel like they are browsing their friend’s photo gallery. The brand will be perceived more friendly and I think it’s a more convincing way to sell a product.


  2. I am a big fan of instagram and I believe the brand can still grow and improve. One feature I’d like to see them implement, is to make it easier for consumers to purchase pictures from instagram users. There are so many great pictures on the medium, and it only makes sense to be able to buy and print said pictures.


  3. Instagram has that ‘App magic’ that makes you fall in love with its platform right away. It is very intuitive, so it’s easy to learn navigating through the app. And it allows multiple creative, yet immediate options — and you don’t need to know how to use photoshop to give your selfy a hyper-hip look. In the last year I have been witnessing an increase in the number of small businesses, and non-profits in particular, using Instagram. Using images, and recently 15-second video clips, these companies find creative and innovative ways to reach a large amount of people, promoting themselves for free. I find this inspiring, and certainly believe that Instagram is here to stay!


  4. Instagram and Twitter are great platforms for business marketing now that Facebook has entered it’s pay-driven advertising model. The most recent articles I’ve read (which I would happily link to, but I do not seem to be able to paste into a WordPress comment?) have said that the organic reach of a Facebook Page, meaning a business, celebrity or corporation page that has a certain number of “Likes,” has about 2% organic reach. Meaning that when a small business such as a clothing shop publishes a Facebook post about a sale that only 2% of their total number of “Likes” actually see that post…unless they pay for promotion. This is a shame for smaller businesses that can’t afford much in terms of a marketing budget. Luckily, a platform such as Instagram, allows these small business to reach a greater number of potential customers without paying and enables them to be even more creative in their message.


  5. Much like video blogging, I like when I can see results in photos in real time of real people. In reference to other products, its cool to share. I have found some of my new favorite foods by what people have posted to their instagram accounts. As a person interested in advertising, I think that ads will always have a purpose and a place as long as there is some new technology that can reach the masses.


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