Beauty Vloggers are Taking Over Youtube

There is a new phenomena in the web, especially for girls everywhere! Youtube beauty video bloggers have become the new sensation for women everywhere, ranging from ages 15-35. These vloggers have take Youtube by a storm by uploading videos of themselves doing makeup tutorials and how to’s. Especially popular among, women, these vloggers are now becoming widely known throughout the web and not only that, they are becoming self made millionaires! 


Beauty vloggers are becoming almost celebrities just by upkeeping with their makeup how-to videos for YouTube. Not just that, but the more successful one are now celebrities! Recognized everywhere, attending events, being paid thousands of dollars. They now also have agents, makeup product lines, and crazed fan followings. 

How is it that ordinary women became as such? Well they have tons of followers on Youtube and that was soon to grab Youtube’s attention. Women all over the word subscribe to watch and learn how to do their hair, make up, clear their skin, and find tips on how to look beautiful and so much more. 

The most famous beauty vlogger is Michelle Phan who makes $5 million a year on endorsement deals.  There are many more among her, who make around $300,00 to $500,000 a year just by the amount of subscribers they have. Of course most of their earnings come from endorsements. “Vloggers can get $10,000 to $15,000 per product placement. 

This new type of media focuses on storytelling and building trust within subscribing and viewers communities. 


The reason companies and makeup brands are crazy for this new type of media and the reason they will pay so much for a product placement is because of this story telling technique. Mention of these products drive to an increase in sales for many beauty brands. 

Youtube is now highlighting on these beauty bloggers by partnering with them to for their advantage on their new campaign, which encourages users to be themselves, be creative and express their inner beauty. This is just the beginning of a new era for video bloggers.


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6 thoughts on “Beauty Vloggers are Taking Over Youtube

  1. I think that people never saw the potential in this phenomena! I love this topic because it is definitely an amazing way to make money! Video bloggers are the new wave of media: you have to know your stuff in order to compete in the video blogger industry! Love your insight! This is a generation of content creators!


  2. I am a woman and I can tell that your post is very insightful.
    I have a lot of friends that subscribe beauty bloggers on Youtube. They are always mention these bloggers every time they get new cosmetic items. These people are very influential. Instead of print media like magazine or advertorial, consumers are likely to seek product information and review from bloggers because these people speak from consumer’s point of view and that makes their words reliable.

    Love it!


  3. 2) This is a very interesting and profitable phenomenon. It belongs to the long list of tutorials offered on YouTube in almost every field and made me think when few months ago, almost desperate because I had no idea about how to assembly paper pom pom I bought for a party decoration, I finally found a solution watching a tutorial on YouTube.


  4. This idea of social-media celebrities is so fascinating to me. I am basically obsessed with pop culture, but I have no idea who the major beauty vloggers are– and yet they are out there, influencing people enough that companies think they are worth millions of dollars. I wonder what makes them worth so much money, and how I can get in on this phenomenon?


  5. I want to say that this era, going to Youtube or Google to find what you want is great. I am particularly talking from a woman’s point of view when it comes to beauty and hair. No one really teaches you how to bring out your best. You see it in magazines and when you can on television. I for one, am grateful, I research healthy skin techniques and everything. It is essential. And being the best you is important. I have a friend who recently started vlogging because she is always on point, but she’s like me, young, in school, no celebrity, but she has some information that people want to know. That;s really the essential part of all of this. We want to know, we need answers, results, reviews. I love it!


  6. I watch beauty bloggers on YouTube a lot. i even remember the beginning of Michelle Phan’s “career” as a beauty blogger. But I also use YouTube for free education in other areas as well — like learning how to use Premiere Pro.


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