Are technological advances harming or helping college students?

In today’s age, college students are experiencing a completely different college experience than generations before. And the main reason for this all comes down to advanced technology. Millennials today, do not know school without smartphones, tablets, laptops, internet and social media. The mere thought of having to go through college without these things is just completely unfathomable. It seems impossible to even survive college this way however, for many decades, it was the only way to live. 


So now the question arises, are we benefiting from these technological advances or are we harming the way we learn and succeed. The answer is not yet determined. However what is for certain is that technology is changing the ways we learn and our studying habits. Just ten years ago, college students had to go to the library to find references for a research paper. Today all the information we need is a click away. If you compare those days with today’s study habits of university students, technology has made it down to earth easy for everyone to have a free unlimited access to tons of information online.

Whether it took more effort to write a paper before or not is debatable since we also encounter hundreds of sources that may not even be viable. We have to dig deep and find the proper sources to write a good research paper. So then the question of whether this technological advance is a good or bad thing also arises. Image

College students have gone from notebooks, printed syllabi and textbooks to ipads, smartphones and e-books. College students have become increasingly dependent on technology. Not only is the use of technology increasing in classrooms but now there are also the option of online classes, not needing to attend a physical lecture at all!

Yes, there are many benefits to technology in school ,but studies show that it can also be a major cause for distraction. Online activities and the use of mobile devices can either help or hurt the study process. 

“Nearly 40 percent of students reported that anything online (primarily the internet and social media networks) is the biggest distraction when studying, and more than 50 percent of students said they used computers, tablets and phones for non-study activities while they were studying, such as texting friends.” 

With that being said, it is also a good source of information to note that today in age, Students are using smartphones to study more than they’re using tablets, digital study tools are saving students time, they are gaining more sleep using digital study tools and writing papers which is the biggest source of academic stress for students is now more easily accessible. 


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