The Message + The Humor

These past few months I have noticed a significant number of tv commercials that were made well and used humor to get across their message. I actually ended up tweeting about these. In this blog I will reveal four of my favorite commercials and their tweets.

My tweet 1 :@SeitzKatya: Pretty #funny Sonic #commercial @sonicdrivein #BrowniBits #welldone!!


My tweet 2: @SeitzKatya: Well-done commercial, #funny and gets the message across @oscarmayer #advertising


My tweet 3: @SeitzKatya: #Fun @ATT #commercial #funny #RethinkPossible


My tweet 4: @SeitzKatya: Take a look at this #funny @carsdotcom #commercial


>Carsdotcom reply to my tweet: @carsdotcom: @SeitzKatya We’re glad you’re a fan, Katya! #NoDrama

This last one, in particular, was very funny. I have watched it many times and laugh every time. I love being in this profession because I notice commercials more and enjoy analyzing them…As well as taking part in discussing their success or failure.


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– Sonic. (2014). Funny Sonic Commercial – Brownie Bits. Retrieved from YouTube website: Hl10m69OUR

One thought on “The Message + The Humor

  1. This is great! I definitely agree with the fact that brands and companies can use humorous ads to their advantage. Personally, those are the types of commercials that stick out to me, and like you I like to share them with others as well.


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