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This Sunday, many people around the world will be celebrating the Christian holiday of Easter. Here in America, people get off school and work for the Easter weekend. People are buying Easter baskets in preparation to give to their loved ones…but why? I have been a Christian all my life and still continue to accept Christianity as my choice of religion. Growing up I had always known what Easter was about but had always wondered where the Easter Bunny came from. I had never really given it too much thought until this year when I have seen countless articles about Easter. I saw an article posting through Buzzfeed called “19 Vintage Easter Bunny Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl”. Although the article was very entertaining it started to make me think if this is what Easter has truly come to mean. Easter truly is the Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Son of God. However to me it seems you would never know that if you yourself were not a Christian.

After doing a little research, apparently the aspect of the Easter bunny began as a German tradition that eventually grew to a large postmark of Easter replacing the real meaning. This very fact also got me thinking of other holidays that have been corrupted to represent something that is far from the true meaning. Holidays such as Christmas, focusing on Santa Claus, St. Patrick’s Day, primarily concerning the consumption of alcohol, and other holidays have now become to mean something that is not true at all. I feel as though the loss of the genuine meaning of holidays is due to American capitalism and using these holidays to feed into consumerism and only gain money. To me it is a shame that even the Easter bunny being a German tradition has been lost due to consumerism. I find nothing wrong with incorporating new traditions and ideals into celebrating a holiday, however I do find it troubling when we use symbols to represent the holidays and it is abused to the point were we don’t even remember the true meaning behind the holiday.

 Doing this to me in a way insults the holidays and those celebrating it for the true reason behind it. Not speaking for all Christians, but I personally am offended every Easter and Christmas when on TV and social media I am bombarded with posts and advertisements turning those holidays into something that they are not. I get the idea of wanting to open the celebration up to everyone and welcoming others but if we are to do that I feel people should be informed of the true reasons behind the celebration and not turn these holidays simply into days that we are expected to buy things and that is as deep as the meaning goes.



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2 thoughts on “What’s Up Doc?

  1. Interesting read. I just recently came across an article about the “origins of Easter” and how it originally began as a mythological story of Ishtar (whom is said to be Venus), and she is often pictured with bunnies and eggs to signify sex and reproduction- not the resurrection of Jesus.


  2. Definitely consumerism has take the best out of many scared holidays. Its sad to see them be overshadowed by it, but for true believers, I’d like to think will overlook at the media and products and remember the true reason for celebration. Interesting read thanks for sharing!


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