Unsung Hero

Thailand has come out with a life insurance commercial titles “unsung hero” which has become a viral sensation of sorts as it has pulled on the heartstrings of those who watch. First of all this is a life insurance commercial, which doesn’t seem like it at all but comes off as more of an inspirational life lesson. It’s not apparent at first that this is a life insurance commercial, but the underlying message is evident; it makes you ask yourself “what you’re doing to help others and how you can adjust your daily activities to provide a more positive impact on other people. We all have the capability to be unsung heroes” (Wangsgard, 2014). According to Metro UK (2014), “Thailand has come up with the latest weepy commercial that almost plays out like a heart-warming short film. Called Unsung Hero, the three-minute clip features a man going that extra. As the ad goes on he sees the amazing results of his kindness, and we’re all reduced to a blubbering mess.” The commercial shows this man who lives a very modest lifestyle, but goes out of his way to assist anyone or anything who needs a helping hand.
The commercial begins with this man walking down the street and gets wet by a rooftop water pipe that spills onto his head. Instead of getting upset or mad, he takes a plant that is right next to him and moves it so the pipe waters the plant (the plant obviously needing it to grow and survive). The commercial then cuts to an elderly lady having a hard time pushing a food cart up a sidewalk, so the man walks over to help her. The next scene is him enjoying some food alone when a wandering dog runs over, and looks to him for food; as he grabs a chicken leg off of his plate the camera pans to a street cook shaking his head in sort of “why are you giving that animal your good food?” type of way. The scene changes to him standing in front of a woman and her child who are holding a cup hoping for people to spare some change. He pulls out all of the cash from his wallet and gives it to the woman and her child as a store worker shakes his head. Once he returns home he places a bundle of bananas onto his elderly neighbors front door knob. And the man does the same tasks over and over again everyday. A voice over is heard and its in Thai with English subtitles and it says, “what does he get in return for doing this everyday….he gets nothing. He won’t get richer, he won’t appear on TV. Still anonymous, and not a bit more famous.” And then, here comes the tear jerker, the camera shows him back to help the woman and her child as he does everyday, but he stops when he realizes the young girl is no longer next her mother. You hear the cheerful yelling of a young girl in the distance, the man turns to look, and sees the young girl dressed in a school uniform and the look on his face touches your heart. He is so happy that his help did good for someone who desperately needed it. The voice over enters again and says, “what he does receive are emotions. He witnesses happiness. Reaches a deeper understanding. Feels the love. Receives what money can’t buy. A world made more beautiful…. And in your life? What is it that you desire the most?” and then it cuts to “Thai life insurance. Believe in Good.”
I personally loved this commercial, it’s so different from American life insurance commercials and really plays well on emotion. The commercial made me think what is really important in life and how helping others can change the world.

-When your mind changes, the world changes.


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One thought on “Unsung Hero

  1. I agree that this commercial is definitely more impactful that life insurance commercials we are used to. I ask myself however, how come the US is not on board with this. And I feel perhaps we tend to be a little more about “ignorance is bliss” and not have tv viewers feel sad when at home watching tv. But this is definitely a strong message. Thanks for sharing!

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