Over the last year or so we’ve seen an increase in sponsored posts (aka advertisements) on Facebook and Twitter. It still takes me by surprise when I’m scrolling through my twitter feed and there’s a random McDonalds ad. And although many find these sponsored ads highly annoying and irrelevant to their interests Facebook and Twitter have profited greatly from these. It looks like now Instagram in jumping into this too.

Almost every company has one if not many Instagram accounts where they post their latest merchandise, ads, and any events relating to their brand but now sponsored posts are appearing on users screens, even if they don’t follow that brand. This medium for social media advertising is fairly recent but even so ad campaigns are quickly approaching the 1 million mark in cost.

The issue with advertising on Instagram over other social media outlets is that Instagram is seen as far more artsy and hip than Facebook or Twitter. Almost everyone today has a Facebook (even my grandma has one), and the same goes for Twitter. Instagram still attracts a fairly young or trendy demographic, a highly profitable market that most companies want to reach. Almost every brand and company could advertise on Facebook and have it blend in. With Instagram however, not all brands will be able to use this platform. “Older” demographic brands would be wasting their money using Instagram.

So far TacoBell seems to be the reigning king of Instagram ads. Their brand perfectly fits the demographic using this form of social media. TacoBell announced Instagram would be playing a vital role in the companies roll out of their new breakfast menu. It begs the question what other companies would do well using Instagram and which should stay away from it.

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5 thoughts on “InstaAdvertising

  1. I’m definitely not excited to see more ads on social media, sponsored tweets are annoying enough! They always confuse me when I’m scrolling through my feed. I feel like instagram is not the place for that kind of advertising. It’ll be difficult to get used to.


  2. I think one thing that is very sad to realize is that advertisements are becoming more prevalent in society and unfortunately in order to make money they have to try to reach the consumers in any way possible. With television ads on the decline I think it is smart on the advertisers part to move to social media but it is bothersome for the users.


  3. I don’t really think that Instagram is a good platform for advertisers to try and reach consumers through traditional ads. I think that brand profiles are a good tool to carry out the brand image but forcing ads at followers is a bad idea.


  4. I agree with the fact of companies and brands creating their own account to advertise their product, but when they begin so sponsor ads on our feeds and our time, it is certainly annoying. I hope Instagram puts a limit to this before they begin to suffer from account deactivations.


  5. Maybe I am using it wrong but I rarely see any sponsored ads on my instagram feed, which makes me wonder how does instagram decide who to post sponsored ads on their feed and what metric do they use to achieve this information?


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