Hurting Brand Image through Advertising

Blake Griffin is one of the most exciting NBA stars today. His leaping ability and highlight-reel plays have taken the league by storm and becoming a must-watch player. No better was this first displayed when Blake Griffin won the Slam Dunk contest in 2011. Partnering with Kia, Blake jumped over the Kia Optima that was set to release the following year. This jump started the NBA stars rise to fame and endorsements started to come flying in to advertisement this new star for their brand.


Today, Blake Griffin is a spokesperson for Kia, Nike, Red Bull, Gameflly, Subway, and much more are on their way. Though this star has been successful off the court, his on-the court achievements haven’t been up to par. In terms of basketball pedigree, he hasn’t accomplished much and as a result, all this advertising is hurting his image within NBA players. Endorsements for atheletes are usually reserved for those who have had success in their careers. Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are great examples of this, as their championship pedigree translated into the brands like Gatorade and McDonald’s. The attention Blake Griffin gets nationally seems unfair to many NBA players, because they feel like he hasn’t proved anything to deserve these endorsements.

This is shown when he is playing, as many players try to fight and confront Blake Griffin intimidate him. He doesn’t have a good reputation, and it might be because over-exposure of advertisements make us sick of watching the person or product, and what is beginning to happen in this case. You can’t blame Blake Griffin for taking these sponsorship offers, but I don’t believe he even realized any negative implications of promoting his brand. I understand where the backlash and even jealousy from other players come from in regards to his deals. When asked by reporters about this certain issue, Blake Griffin replied with a simple and effective answer.

“It isn’t my thing. I play basketball.”


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2 thoughts on “Hurting Brand Image through Advertising

  1. I think that you bring up some good points. When you see the same celebrities representing so many different brands like Blake Griffin it brings their actual loyalty to any of the brands into question.


  2. When I noticed first these commercials and sponsorships I was definitely not pleased at the fact that there are so many greater players and longer time NBA players out there that are not selling themselves to the media. This just goes to show what truly matters to certain people.


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