From Girl Scout to Woman in Leadership

Twelve-year-old Katie Francis is giving professional sales reps a run for their money as the new national record holder of the most Girl Scout cookies sold in one sales period. According to the video above and an Entrepreneurship article titled “8 Lessons This Record-Breaking Girl Scout Can Teach Entrepreneurs”, Katie sold a whopping total of 21, 477 boxes, averaging 300 boxes in one day and 30-46 boxes per hour.

Aside from how awestricken I was when I first read this, I was also glad to see Girl Scouts breaking the stereotype that business is not a woman’s field. In an article, “Selling cookies teaches goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics” (“Why Girl Scouts Become Entrepreneurs”). All of these skills are transferrable and necessary not just for business, but important life skills that will help girls feel more confident in their ability to succeed. 

This is essential for closing the gap between men and women in leadership positions. This is more about a feeling of worthiness than anything else. Although I am involved in leadership positions on campus in addition to having my own business, I know that I did not start of feeling capable of doing so. I often hear women put off by the idea of joining student government because “it is not for them”. I told myself the same excuse. However, I wonder how much of it really is a matter of interest, and how much is determined by our assigned gender-dominant careers.

The White House Project sponsored through the nonprofit Ms. JD, included this graphic in their 2009 report:

Screenshot 2014-04-18 15.01.57

This just stands to show that American has more work to do in being congruent. Thankfully, efforts are being made by women every day to rise to the occasion. Although Katie has risen to the spotlight as a great entrepreneur with lots to teach the business sector, let us also not forget how she will also be an example for young girls in the future and a demonstration of a larger movement towards woman empowerment.


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2 thoughts on “From Girl Scout to Woman in Leadership

  1. This is so great! I’ve been a girl scout for my entire life and I love seeing others succeed with it. So many people don’t understand how much work it can be, or just how rewarding it always is. Everyone should be a girl scout at least once and strive to be more like this girl.


  2. This is good to see good news about this girl scouts and how she is creating a positive image for young women everywhere. It is girls like this that help create equality for women and break traditional gender norms.


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