Doritos Jacked

Frito-Lay is preparing to put the brand loyalty of Doritos to the test with their new advertising campaign. This month Frito-Lay will begin selling their Doritos Jacked tortilla chips in stores. What is intriguing about this campaign is that the packaging for the new chips will not disclose the flavor of the chips on the bag. The Doritos Jacked line of chips will feature three different new flavors and will encourage consumers to take risks in their purchasing decisions.

Beginning on April 29th Frito-Lay will ask consumers to vote on their favorite Doritos Jacked flavor. The winning flavor decided by Doritos fans will be featured by Frito-Lay on store shelves this fall. To encourage consumers to vote on their favorite flavor Frito-Lay is offering a daily giveaway of $1000 worth of gold. The company is choosing to give the winnings away in gold because of the Spanish translation of Doritos which means “little bits of gold”. On challenge that Doritos is facing with the campaign is the Food and Drug Administration’s requirement that all ingredients be listed on the outside of the package. Although ingredients on the packaging will be included, Doritos is trying to do everything else in their power to disclose as little information about the flavors as possible.

This is an extremely interesting and risky move for Frito-Lay. When consumers are shopping in stores the majority of the time they purchase the products that they are familiar with. This is especially true in the food industry, it is not often that people take risks with the food that they buy. Doritos is asking consumers to both take a risk and trust the brand at the same time with the new Doritos Jacked campaign. Many loyal Doritos fans will try the new Doritos Jacked chips but it will be difficult for the company to attract new consumers with the campaign.

Doritos is not planning on running any television ads to promote the Doritos Jacked campaign. Their marketing efforts will be geared mainly towards fans on social media but will also include some in store advertisements to encourage consumers to try the new chips in the moment. The campaign could be highly lucrative for Doritos if it is a success. They will strengthen their relationships with current consumers and in the end will also have a new product that will attract new consumers. On the contrary if fans don’t enjoy the new flavors the campaign will be a big failure.

3 thoughts on “Doritos Jacked

  1. I think that’s a pretty smart move. A lot of brands use voting and co-created products to get their consumers involved and engaged with the brand. I also love the “little bits of gold” too good!


  2. this is a creative move for Frito-Lay. My only concern would be that, as a consumer if I were to “take a risk” on a bag of chips and ended up not liking the flavor, I probably would never buy them again, so it’s a risky take as well for Frito-Lay (no pun intended).


  3. The concept and campaign is actually really cool and unique, however I feel that Frito-lay could benefit from TV ads to gain a higher audience and campaign awareness, I had no idea this was going on. I guess if its a failure, they wouldn’t have spent that much money on advertising it.


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