Google Glass Fail



Google Glass sales were not what was expected. Google wanted to see how popular their product would become. There are many factors to the failing of this product. I am assuming most of you know what Google Glass is, unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years. For those of you who have Google Glass are basically computer glasses. This is heading towards dystopia in my opinion.  On May 16, 2013 the product was introduced to the world.

Mashable wrote an article on the sales of Google Glass. They shut down there store this past week, and they won’t say it was because of sales. But at 1,500 a pair not many people were throwing down that type of cash. When you visit the site it says there sold out even though that’s not actually true. A spokesperson for Google came out to say that they are running out of them faster than expected. The weird thing is that Google is not sharing how many units it has sold. Is that supposed to be there tactic? Take them away and hope people will want it more when they decide to bring it back, just like the Twinkie.

I guess wearing a pair of Google Glass is like wearing a pair of limited edition Jordan’s. A man in San Francisco got his pair of Google Glass taken right off of his face, and she smashed them on the ground right in front of his face. The victim was a 20 year old journalist said he thought she did it with high intention.  There was a woman named Sarah Slocum was robbed of her purse, Google Glasses, and other cell phone.


Many people are skeptical about Google Glass for many reasons. For me the creepiest aspect of its abilities is that you can take pictures transparently. The privacy aspect is a little scary as well, and how advanced the device is. Do you think Google Glass will stop being sold all together? It is still available through other outlets, just disabled through Google’s online store.



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7 thoughts on “Google Glass Fail

  1. They recently did an event to promote Google Glass, allowing the everyday person to come and try them out for free. I think they took a gamble, but it was a risky one. People always are after the newest iphone – one because it’s an iphone, but also because it essentially is a phone, which has become a necessity. Google glass serves as this tech item that’s not really practical and unnecessary.


  2. The problem is that Google glasses are a niche product, at least right now, but Google didn’t advertise them like that. They also didn’t advertise them completely as a broad product. They tool a middle road which was a bad call.


  3. I think the problem is pricing, and more importantly many people don’t know how to use it or ways it applies to them.


  4. It’ll be interesting to see how Google glass does as time goes on…I think a lot of people just don’t have a practical purpose for them, and wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money on them.


  5. Really interesting. I have to say though, if it disappears from the market… I think its just a matter of time before they would bring it back to better fit the future market (or make it fit)


  6. I agree with the fact that if its a fail now, it’ll definitely be back in the future to meet future consumers’ wants and needs. Right now just doesn’t seem like the right time.


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