Smirnoff Trying To Be Playful

When the commercial first started I thought it was funny, however, as I kept watching I grew more and more puzzled. I think I understand what Smirnoff was actually trying to do but it is quite different from what is already out there that it odd. They want to their product to appear fun and lighthearted but known for having a good time. There is a playfulness that you do not often see in alcohol commercials, especially those with hard liquor. Instead of zoning in the sexiness of the brand, Smirnoff tries to use humor and playfulness.

I am split on whether I think this is a good commercial. Part of me thinks that this commercial is funny and quite clever but then the other half of me misses the whole point of the commercial. This commercial is funny because it is ridiculous. No one throws a party with a bouncer and a weird bar tender, so that is laugh worthy. However, if this is a commercial about Smirnoff Vodka then they failed to succinctly get their point across. The commercial is far too long and drags out the attributes and benefits of consuming Smirnoff.

But if you want to watch two funny actors host a party then it could be seen as a good commercial. I am all for a great commercial story if it is done well but I feel as if they are just trying to hard and the commercial fails to flow. The acting was a little odd and you could tell there was a playful tone in the actor and actresses lines, but I am not sure they actually executed it well.

3 thoughts on “Smirnoff Trying To Be Playful

  1. I like the idea of this commercial. I think the overall take-away is that Smirnoff can be enjoyed by everyone and it’s a more real setting than the settings of over-sexualized alcohol ads.


  2. I think that the ad is way too long and it drags on. But overall I do think that they were successful in delivering the message to their target audience, young people. It was funny and entertaining and it definitely made me laugh.


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