TED’s Ads Worth Spreading

In the Digital Age with advertisements everywhere we go it is the daunting task of ad agencies to grab the attention of their target audience and deliver a profound message that stands out from the thousands of other advertisements we see on a daily basis. Although most consumers are always on the go and need an advertisement to be brief and to the point, often times the most profound messages are delivered through an excellent story. This month TED recognized the top advertisements of 2013 that tell a story worth sharing with others. Although the advertisements that were recognized have many differences they all have one common similarity, they manage to affect the emotions of each consumer while successfully delivering a profound message.

The judges for the awards who were selected by TED consisted of six teams of two people, one TED speaker and one person deemed as a rising star in the advertising agency. These six teams served as the nominators of the advertisements that were then voted on by 25 agency veterans. The judges focused on “brand bravery” and a commitment to creating “ideas worth spreading” while also focusing on “adthropology”, the incorporation of the year’s events into the advertising campaigns.

One winner was the “Pick Them Back Up” advertisement created by Wieden & Kennedy for P&G that aired last month during the winter Olympics. The commercial consists of a compilation of videos that show different individuals falling and getting back up. The compilation starts with babies and ends with athletes competing in winter sports. The ad ends with the words “For teaching us that falling only makes us stronger. Thanks Mom” flashing across the screen. Airing the advertisement during the Olympics helped send the intended message; everyone falls but those who get up and persevere are the people who succeed.

Another advertisement that was recognized at the awards was BBDO’s “Basketball” ad made for Guinness that created a perfect example of what true friendship really looks like. The ad features a group of men playing a game of basketball in their own individual wheelchairs. At the end of the commercial all but one of the men get out of their wheelchairs and walk away. With a narrator saying just a few words over the sounds of the basketball game the images sent in the advertisement accomplish the intended goal. The advertisement pulls at the viewer’s heart while sending a valuable life lesson, although we may experience hardships, friendship is an ever-present constant.

These two advertisements are prime examples of how Storytelling is a new and often times more lucrative form of advertisement that can deliver a profound message if constructed correctly.


One thought on “TED’s Ads Worth Spreading

  1. Consumers want a story behind their products now and these are both great examples of how to successfully tell a story that positively impacts ones company.


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