Tap Project

Here’s a question for you.


What is the longest you’ve gone without touching your cell phone?


No, not just stayed off of Instagram or set a temporary ban for yourself from Facebook—I’m talking the real deal. When was the last time you set your phone down and completely and totally ignored it?


Can you remember?


Not counting the times when you’re asleep (unless you’re a sleep texter) or the time you spend in class (unless you’re sneaky), the total time spent away from your phone might not be so great.


I’m guilty of this too. As someone who’s begrudgingly accepted the massive influx of technology into her life, I’ve become dependent on my devices. I’ll set my phone down to make dinner, only to pick it up a minute later to look up a song I have stuck in my head. I’ll tell myself that I’ll spend the whole afternoon without my phone, a way to force myself to buckle down on my mountain of homework, just to pick it up for a quick “study break” after doing a few French exercises.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.01.13 PM

After all, it’s not like using my phone has anything to do with anyone other than myself, right?
Unicef has headed a revolutionary new project—a way for people to donate money by doing absolutely nothing at all. It’s called the Tap Project.


It’s very simple: just open the link to their website in your browser and click the start button. The sensors in your phone will be able to tell the software whether or not you’re touching or moving your phone. After ten minutes is up, your inaction has given basis for Unicef’s sponsors to provide funding for one day of water for a child in need.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.00.10 PM

Considering that I tend to use my phone to look up the weather and scan through my Instagram feed, using it to donate to a child in need is pretty incredible.


Unicef has really hit on a revolutionary new market, one that manages to open up an entirely new system of charity. In allowing people to donate by literally doing nothing, it’s creating a society where even the smallest inaction can make a difference. Often times, people feel that they don’t have the time to be charitable. Unicef and the Tap Project really take that out of their hands by making it as easy as possible to make a change in a child’s life.


What do you guys think? Is manipulating new technology like this genius or ineffective? Would you guys be willing to try it out yourselves?





–       Unicef. (2014). Unicef Tap Project. Retrieved from http://tap.unicefusa.org/

7 thoughts on “Tap Project

  1. We live in a world were technology has become a very large aspect of our lives, which is quite unfortunate. But there is a limit to everything. When we are at risk of being constantly consumed by our technology that is when we need to step in and consider ways to take control. Personally, UNICEF has definitely found a strong way to motivate me to consider being away from my phone while helping those in need at the same time. I don’t know if other people will actually want to give this a shot though.


  2. I think this is such a creative and great idea! This really motivated me personally as well as I believe will motivate others to stay off their phone for quite awhile to give back to others.


  3. I am definitely going to try this! I think it’s a great idea and effective with a great cause. People will be able to put things into perspective while they are taking a break from their phones as well.


  4. I think this is such a cool idea from Unicef. People’s obsessions with their phone is unreal in 2014 so encouraging people to escape from the digital world while also raising money for those in need are awesome.


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