Taco Bell vs. McDonald’s Breakfast Advertising

Recently, Taco Bell launched their new breakfast menu. This menu incorporates popular items such as Crunchwraps and tacos but in breakfast form. This is a new area for Taco Bell since previously they had not offered any breakfast items. There are many other fast food chains that offer breakfast; these include Subway, Burger King, and most notably, McDonald’s. McDonald’s has had an iconic breakfast menu for decades, something that has become a staple in their menu. McDonald’s “dominates 31% of the $31.7 billion market” (TIMES), therefore making them Taco Bell’s biggest competitor in the fast food breakfast market.

However, Taco Bell has taken an interesting approach in their marketing. They have solely targeted McDonald’s breakfast and are attempting to combat it with direct marketing that is detrimental to McDonald’s. The first of their ads features men named Ronald McDonald eating the new Taco Bell breakfast. The tagline is “a delicious new breakfast that everyone can love, even Ronald McDonald”. This is a comical approach to a more cutthroat type of advertising that specifically targets McDonalds.

The second ad features a man with an out of date hairstyle and lifestyle claiming that he had had Egg McMuffins since he was a child. He decides to switch it up by switching to Taco Bell breakfast; this change leads to a change in his lifestyle where he changes his appearance to a more modern one, re-decorates his room, etc. This, in turn, leads the viewer to believe that McDonald’s breakfast is out of date and not “with the times” and that Taco Bell features a more modern and current spin on breakfast. With this, they not only put down McDonald’s breakfast, but they also promote their own brand through this message.

I think this is an interesting way for Taco Bell to move forward. However, I believe that it is arguably the stronger direction for Taco Bell to advertise when having such a strong competitor as McDonald’s. It will be interesting to see how this advertising will affect sales for Taco Bell breakfast. While Taco Bell is promoting the new “modern” fast food breakfast, I believe the consumers will still be skeptical because Taco Bell is not known for their breakfast. Additionally, the combination of breakfast food with Mexican food could be a slight deterrent for less adventurous consumers. McDonald’s is also a dominant and well known chain that has a large amount of brand loyalty. It will be hard to change the minds of those who have had McDonald’s breakfast for years and rely on their breakfast over trying new things.

6 thoughts on “Taco Bell vs. McDonald’s Breakfast Advertising

  1. I don’t think this campaign will be successful in terms of outgrowing McDonald’s. Given McDonald’s firm hold on the market, it’ll take more than an advertising campaign to give Taco Bell the edge. Will it increase sales? absolutely, funny things like this stick out in people’s minds and they retain the information better. Not only that, it raises awareness for Taco Bell’s breakfast, which I didn’t even know they had until I saw this post.


  2. I think this advertisement meant to spark conflict and therefore raise word-of-mouth for Taco Bell. I agree that it won’t be successful in terms of outgrowing McDonald’s.


  3. Definitely won’t be successful in outgrowing McDonald’s but Taco Bell’s attempt to get attention was pretty clever. McDonald’s is already way too powerful of a company to be threatened by competitors. But who knows? I guess it all depends on people’s preference. Personally I’d get tired of eating McDonald’s breakfast everyday if I did so it is nice that Taco Bell has given people more options.


  4. Honestly, I don’t understand the first commercial campaign at all. Sure, there are people named Ronald McDonald eating Taco Bell breakfast items, but it made me question the parenting choices in naming your kid after a fast food corporation rather than how good the breakfast taco is. Taco Bell is a company that’s become very proficient in the way they handle their presence online, especially with their involvement and interest in letting the public speak for what they are looking for. I just wish that they would have considered that before advertising, rather than just shoot for something “clever” and competitive.


  5. Yeah, I don’t think this will be successful in dominating McDonald’s market in anyway. Yes, It’s clever and appealing at the thought of a ‘Taco Bell Breakfast’ and will find quite an amount of success, but McDonald’s has had such a strong grasp on the breakfast fast food market and has such devotional customers that Taco Bell won’t be able to surpass that.


  6. Who knew that Taco Bell introducing their breakfast options could spur one of the most interesting advertising wars i’ve ever seen. All the advertisements have been extremely funny and poke fun at the other brand. I still don’t think that Taco Bell will be able to take much of the fast food breakfast market share away from McDonalds.


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