Taco Bell Takes Stabs at the Golden Arches

With the recent creation of their breakfast line, Taco Bell released several advertisements that ridicule the McDonald’s franchise. The commercials feature comparisons to “Old McDonald” and men named “Ronald McDonald” expressing their love for Taco Bell breakfast tacos.  The new advertisements represent McDonald’s food to be outdated and traditional.

One commercial features a man wearing very dated, 80s clothing who has been “eating Egg McMuffins since 1984” but decided to try Taco Bell’s new waffle taco. He then “gets with the times” and changes his outfit and buys a smartphone. The narrator then suggests to “move on from your old McDonald’s breakfast with Taco Bell’s exciting new breakfast menu” (Taco Bell). It seems that Taco Bell hopes to recreate their brand as the “next generation” of fast food and breakfast food.

Taco Bell’s strategy of making McDonald’s seem old and boring is a smart move. I think the attacks on other restaurants will definitely help Taco Bell enter the fast food breakfast market. Their commercials are giving viewers and customers stories that they’ll remember the next time they’re looking to eat breakfast. 

McDonald’s responded to these ads with a photo of Ronald McDonald petting a chihuahua with the caption “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” It isn’t clear just yet whether or not Taco Bell can take over the fast food breakfast industry, but they’re definitely giving McDonald’s a run for their money. Personally, I think it’ll be a successful ad campaign because it will get people to break their habits.

source: http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-taco-bell-mcdonalds-breakfast-20140407%2C0%2C4832416.story#ixzz2yK713M2Q


One thought on “Taco Bell Takes Stabs at the Golden Arches

  1. I thought that this was a very interesting approach to the Taco Bell contain. Personally I found it kind of offensive to McDonald’s but, I thought it was a good advertising tactic.


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