McDrive Surprise

It took a while for me to realise that it’s April. Do you realise the time is passing so quick!There’s only few more weeks left, and we are off this semester, and there goes our summer break. I hope you all had a blast on April Fool’s Day. As we know, many advertising agencies have started using prank strategies in their advertising campaign. As we’ve seen that this strategy has been growing in these couple of years. Lots of agencies have tried several ways to prank the people in public. For example, the “Carrie” and “The Walking Dead” prank that held in New York City. Many agencies have utilised Youtube as their main sharing platform. They posted these videos on Youtube and boom, the video went viral.

On 1st of April 2014, McDonalds has taken April Fool’s Day Prank to a whole new level. McDonalds in Vienna, Austria, launched their latest April Fool’s Day Campaign by setting up different themes in their McDrive booth. As you watch the clip i shared, the first set up was the “making out in the McDrive counter”. The workers were making out in the booth, and when the customer drove to the booth, most of them were shocked and laughed. They had another booth was set up in a opera style. They hired an opera female singer, where she was supposed to sing while passing the meal to her customers. As we noticed, the customers were all shocked and laughed out loud. The third booth was even more intense. They hired a wrestler to pass the meal to their customers. The wrestler asked his customers  arm wrest with him before he pass his meal to his customers. Next, it was set up in a trip into the space theme. The set up looked completely like they were in a space ship. They hired actor to dress like astronaut and pass the meal to the customer. It followed by another theme, this is one of my favourite one, the Horror theme. The ambience was really scary, and it was set up at night. Actress was hid under the booth, and when customer passed by, the actress would jump up and scared them. The last one they hired a rapper and two hot girls to the booth, and the rapper ended with “McDrive, Swag Life” slogan.

So what do you think of this campaign? I think it’s very funny and creative in a way. DDB Tribal, the advertising agency that handled this campaign has done a great job. This is the strategies that make customers remember their brand.


McDonald’s Austria youtube channel. Retrieved from

5 thoughts on “McDrive Surprise

  1. This is hilarious, I’m surprised it hasn’t been covered more in the media. This takes interactive prank advertising to a whole new level. Where did you hear about it?


  2. It’s definitely entertaining, but I don’t really see it as practical or viable. We live in a very litigious country, so if this became commonplace over here, companies would also have to build in funds for lawsuits from unhappy customers who received an experience they weren’t expecting. Although, having an opera singer as a drive thru employee might be entertaining…


  3. I found this very funny and entertaining. Very different and surprising as well, which is what people like (As long as it’s not offensive). I found it awesome that there are companies that participate in April Fool’s. I had never heard of this campaign before, thanks for sharing.


  4. This is such a clever, funny and entertaining campaign idea! I was very surprised and intrigued by this idea and I think it would have been popular in more places outside of Vienna, even in the U.S. by its light humor. I think there is definitely an opportunity in the future that could be quite successful with companies participating in April Fool’s.


  5. So many big name companies did April Fools this year! I thought a lot of them were really funny and it definitely brings attention. My favorite from this year was probably by Netflix, this one was hilarious too. I guess I didn’t realize that so many companies were partaking in April Fools.


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