Is the Monster Real?

Grey New York and States United to Prevent Gun Violence (SUPGV) released a new animated PSA today that certainly shocks and grabs attention. Gun control is a major issue and topic of discussion in our nation right now, and these two collaborators are making sure their voice is heard in the debate. Take a look at this 1:30 video and see.

After watching this video I sat in silence for a good minute or so processing what I had just seen. I even saw the ending coming, yet was still devastated. Though gun violence is definitely an issue that needs to be solved, I’m hesitant at calling household weapons “monsters”. While the comparison makes for an intriguing, heart-wrenching, and relevant story, I don’t necessarily think that a gun hidden away in the closet is a monster. My opinion and knowledge on gun reforms/law is little and needs to be expanded; however I wonder if maybe gun education would be more beneficial than gun control in terms of household shootings.  According to SUPGV, “1.5 million American children live in homes with unlocked and loaded firearms, every day at least six children 18 and under are injured in an unintentional shooting, and 75 percent of gun shot injuries to children under 10 that are serious enough to require hospitalization are due to unintentional shootings.”  If we were to educate children about gun safety, maybe household gun injuries and fatalities would decrease.

None-the-less, this PSA video creates a moving and accurate depiction of gun shootings across the US.  Whether or not the monster is real, States United to Prevent Gun Violence creatively draws attention and awareness to this plaguing issue.  What are your thoughts?



Nudd, T. (2014, 04 09). Devastating gun-control ad reminds you that kids and firearms don’t mix. Retrieved from

4 thoughts on “Is the Monster Real?

  1. This is quite the intriguing and innovative idea for a PSA, but I think the emotional aspects really strengthen it and are necessary to get the point across. Gun control is definitely a big issue in today’s society and this just helps push people to think more about it and to speak up.


  2. Personally, I think this advertisement is successful in evoking emotion through shock value, although I do not believe it holds much merit. If an adult whom is licensed to own a firearm chooses to keep one in their home, it is their responsibility and theirs only to keep it safely locked away from minors and individuals who do not belong using it. More gun control laws will not subdue the issue of children being injured by firearms, educating those who acquire firearms would (IMO obviously). Thanks for the great read!


  3. Yeah that’s a little intense. Like you said, educating children and parents about safe gun usage is the best way to go. I think the only monster is not educating people about gun control.


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