Custom Oreo Cookies From The Kitchen of Twitter

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.27.10 PM
A high tech vending machine can produce customized Oreo cookies using a 3d printing method. The Oreo Trending Vending Lounge “delivers deliciously hyper-personalized and customized snacks based on real-time data collection” so that the customers can pick out a cookie based on the flavors trending on Twitter.

This is genius! I don’t like Oreos but to have this technology mixed with twitter trends is excellent for keeping their brand being talked about on a 24/7 basis. This also keeps people intrigued to come back for more and experiment with other flavors.

The cookies are created in real time correlated with trending flavors and are brought to life through 3D printing. Users browse a selection of trending flavors on a touch screen panel. They then choose from 12 different colors of cream and watch as their unique and personal cookie is built.

People love to feel apart of something and involved in a process and customization is the way of the future. We seek out ways to make ourselves different and even resorting to cookie flavors will suffice is creative connoisseur genius.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.25.22 PM

The cookies are assembled in under two minutes and consumers can follow the conversation using the twitter hash tag #eatthetweet.

What do you think of Oreo’s Trending Vending Lounge? I know Sprinkles has cupcake ATM’s. I think they should use this in women’s bathrooms. They could have like a mini tube of mascara or hand lotion samples. I also heard about a vending machine that has daily freshly made salads. That is something I am completely behind! Healthy is the way to go. It would be interesting to see how vending machines make a comeback and are used for our fast paced lifestyles.

March 11, 2014


2 thoughts on “Custom Oreo Cookies From The Kitchen of Twitter

  1. This may seem a little odd but good for Oreo! The company seems to be doing great things with technology.


  2. This is amazing! The way to talk to people is through their stomach…so bringing in social media and technology into the mix is fantastic.


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