Social Media Double Take

With so many social media platforms out there today, and arguably each trying to take the top spot of Facebook, like it once did to Myspace back in the day, other competitors are always reinventing themselves to stay current. The latest update from Twitter is perhaps the most dramatic yet, not because it’s so unique, but just the opposite. The newest twitter change has people doing a double take, as it looks like a spitting image of what Facebook’s current profile page graphics look like.


Here is Twitter’s new look. As you can see, it’s extremely similar to Facebook, with a cover photo and profile picture in the left corner. Tweets down the middle and ads, videos, etc, on the side.

Currently Twitter is looking to expand even more as it looks to keep users and gain more in the race to stay afloat in the social media industry. Twitter has grown with every year, its major problem is just getting more basic internet users to join. In comparison, Twitter has about 240 million while Facebook boasts 1.4 billion, clearly there is a lot of ground to cover if Twitter were to try and become the most used social media tool.

Do you think this redesign will help or harm Twitter in getting a larger database of users. Personally I think it’s just too similar to Facebook and one of the reasons I like Twitter is that it’s not like Facebook. With that said, we all know how often Facebook changes its look, just the other day the motif is more square shaped and the icons have changed, some changes I found unnecessary and don’t add to my viewing experience. What’s your take?


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10 thoughts on “Social Media Double Take

  1. I personally didn’t even notice the new Twitter display because I only ever go on it on my phone and not the computer. I think it’s pretty funny how Twitter is copying Facebook but if they want more people to join they need to think of a NEW creative way rather than copying


  2. In response to this, I only use twitter on my phone so therefore did not see the new Twitter display. It is funny how to Twitter wants to look more like Facebook when Facebook is trying to look more like Twitter by adding a “trending” newsfeed.


  3. Personally, I do not use Twitter very often but after seeing this post I went directly to my Twitter feed for a closer inspection. I think imitating Facebook’s platform will end up hurting Twitter in the long run. By copying another brand image, Twitter is just pushing themselves back and failing to separate themselves from the rest of the social media clutter.


  4. I only use Twitter on my phone too, but I hate the new direction they’re taking in their website design. One of things I love about Twitter is that they’re not Facebook. However, since it’s IPO, Twitter has taken some serious steps towards monetization and I think they’re trying to mirror Facebook for their bottom dollar and that’s such a shame. Here’s hoping they just don’t change their news river to a news stream.


  5. It’s funny because while Twitter is moving towards emulating Facebook, Facebook is moving towards emulating features of Twitter. Over the past year or two, we’ve seen Facebook pushing harder as a source of social news, between linked hashtags, its trending bar, and its news-focused app. What happens when the two become the same platform?


    • I completely agree. With converging happening across so many facets of communication, Twitter and Facebook might just become the same social media platform. I don’t know how much fans of each particular social media tool they prefer would feel about this, but I think condensing everything might be a good thing instead of having to go to different sites.


    • I wish Facebook and Twitter highlighted their unique qualities rather than trying to conform with what’s currently trending. The two outlets do appear to be becoming quite similar. Twitter’s initial appeal was it’s quick and efficient posts on a long, constantly updating newsfeed. Facebook is more of a bigger experience, incorporating photo albums, events, etc. For this reason I don’t think Twitter will ever reach the amount of users that Facebook has. But that doesn’t mean Twitter isn’t great for what it is. Only a fraction of Facebook users want to update their friends in such a way that Twitter provides. Most people just don’t care. I feel Twitter would be more successful if it highlighted it’s quick content output ability rather than trying to mirror another social media outlet that is way far ahead in the running for best social platform.


  6. I love Twitter so much. I have no seen this side of it though? I appreciate it because it’s simple and straight to the point. If there way of competing with Facebook is becoming like their competitor than Twitter will completely lose its following.


  7. I think I personally like the old Twitter better. I liked that is was different than Facebook, but now it seems that a lot of social media sites are morphing into very similar animals. I do wonder, however, if this new Twitter layout might mean the beginning of the end of Facebook.


  8. Actually, I realized that some of my friends post exactly the same thing both on Facebook and Twitter. And I seldom loggin my Twitter account now not because its appearance looks like Facebook, but the content on Twitter has no big difference from Facebook.


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