Really thinking outside the bun


Taco Bell has more plans up its sleeves after recent advertisements for their new breakfast menu have aired and been effective.

“We’re just getting started with breakfast,” said Chris Brandt, Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer, adding that the brand wants to “boldly disrupt” the category.

With the success of using “Ronald McDonald” against the golden arches,  Taco Bell is initiating the next phase for the push of their breakfast menu items. Brandt said the latest Taco Bell breakfast television ad takes targeted aim at McDonald’s with “a wink and sense of humor.” This next salvo, he said, is “to get people’s attention, turn people’s heads and hopefully get them to turn into Taco Bell” as the brand positions itself as the “Next Generation of Breakfast.”

Items like the A.M. Crunchwrap and coffee are the best-sellers so far. Taco Bell is also utilizing the potential social media has to offer. Many users of Instagram will take pictures of foods they are eating and is a common practice with the users. The fast-food chain hopes that using this particular media platform can advertise their product in a unique way, since breakfast is a new concept for Taco Bell.


“One of the things that we knew that consumers love to do is to take pictures of the food and share the food, so we wanted to make sure we had packaging that was worthy of being shared,” Brandt said.

Paying close attention to these sort of details show the particular way they want to advertise to customers. They are exploring the market and seeing different trends that occur. The Ronald McDonald campaign gained a lot of attention on Twitter and it quickly became noticed by more and more people.

“We’ve got more than a billion earned impressions on social,” said Brandt. “We’ve gotten more than five and a half billion earned media impressions. Just the spots on YouTube that we’ve put out there, we’ve gotten 3 million views of that.”

The approach Taco Bell is currently embarking relates to their slogan of thinking out of convention. McDonalds has been around longer than Taco Bell, and the breakfast items are just as desired as french fries. If you are going to challenge your main competitor, you have to do it in a unique way to stand out. The Mexican fast-food chain is doing just that and the initial reactions have been positive. The new ads are being posted on Youtube, and I am looking forward to the next ones.





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2 thoughts on “Really thinking outside the bun

  1. This is a good marketing strategy for Taco Bell to incorporate social media use in the selling of its new breakfast menu items. People today do tend to take pictures of their food and by Taco Bell trying to connect to the people on that level that may also cause more people to buy their products. Also having another option to buy breakfast fast beside McDonalds is smart and more convenient for the consumer.


  2. Taco Bell is genius in terms of their marketing strategy. They know who their target audience is (us) and recognize that we enjoy humor in our advertisements.


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