Giving Water

In today’s society, people depend on their smart phones for everything. hey depend on them to interact with others and social media on a daily basis. UNICEF (United Nation Children’s Fund) has just come up with a campaign that talks about how society is attached to their phones.


The UNICEF Tap Project challenges people to be able to put down their phones on a flat surface for a minimum of ten minutes without checking or clicking on them. Once the user goes into the website, a count down begins that tells you how much time has happened since the last time you used your phone. For every ten minutes that go by, UNICEF donates water for a child to drink for a day. The water is given to children in which it is hard for people to get sanitary water.

The website lets the user know how any people are currently using the site in your state and what has been the highest record amount of time specific people have gone without their phones which can inspire you to beat other peoples scores. Also, the website send cheers to the user and makes you feel accomplished and good about yourself for doing this and leaving the phone aside to help others,

We live in a society in which we are obsessed with our phones. We feel as if we need them and we depend on them to go on with out daily lives While we are stuck on our phones, we can miss moments or we can miss the opportunity of geting to know someone better.

It will be interesting to see how much water this website raises and if it makes a change in the way how people use their phone.



3 thoughts on “Giving Water

  1. This is a very cool and impacting idea by UNICEF. I feel people know about the problem of lack of clean water in areas of the world but do not know what to do. This is easy and also very reasonable for people to do here. Just taking a ten minute break from the phone shouldn’t be hard and if people do struggle they have a great cause to inspire them.


  2. My friend was doing this the other day while we were studying and I thought the idea was really interesting. It allows people to feel like they’re making a huge sacrifice, even if they’re only setting down their phone for 15 minutes. This campaign is especially a good idea for people who can’t spare the extra cash to donate money to UNICEF or other foundations.


  3. Woah, this is really interesting. I agree with the comment above, this is a good way to make people feel like they are making a big sacrifice without actually having to do much at all. I know I am one of those people that want to help, but don’t have the funds to do so. This is a good way to help and keep my to my monthly budget. I am definitely going to try this out today!


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