New Media + New Job

Four ways to use new media to land you a new job.

  1. Major companies often have their own job accounts on social media.

Several major companies, including Disney (@TWDCjobs), Starbucks (@StarbucksJobs), Google (@googlejobs), Viacom (@ViacomCareers), AT&T (@attJobs), and Microsoft (@MicrosoftJobs) have separate accounts on social media specifically for career and recruitment purposes. Companies share job openings, give behind-the-scenes looks at life at their company, and even give job tips of their own that are often specific to that industry (Hiscott).

  1. Mind the hashtags.

#JobListing. #Hire. #JobOpening. Employers often put these hashtags in posts so job seekers can find them. For better or worse, though, A LOT of employers, from all different industries and in all different countries, use these hashtags, and it can be unbelievably time consuming to sort through them. To help in your search, some companies have their own specific hashtags when they post a job opening. For example, General Electric has #GEJobs. You can investigate to see if companies you are interested in do something similar (Olson).

  1. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn.

Though it is a good start, simply having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. According to University at Buffalo, “having a complete profile makes you 40 times more likely to receive job opportunities” (University at Buffalo). So, have a picture on your profile — a professional one — and include all of your education, job experience, and other achievements. Whenever you can, expand on each point: Don’t just say you interned at Totally Awesome Company Whatchyamacallit. What did you do? What did you learn? Most importantly, how did you help that company? Details, details, details. When applicable, post projects that you have worked on. And then be sure to connect with people. Friends, family, and alumni are all good people to have in your network.

  1. Be careful who you follow.

Connecting with a potential boss or employer through Facebook or Twitter is good… until you badmouth your current employer in a tweet or you post those crazy pictures from that party last Friday to Facebook, and suddenly they can see it too. If you are comfortable with them seeing what you post on Facebook or with reading previous tweets, connections through social media can be a good way to see job listings and a way to show interest in that company. Just be mindful of what you post, and double check those privacy settings (Ahmad).


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8 thoughts on “New Media + New Job

  1. This is all such great advice! Teenagers forget all the time that professionals can see their social media accounts when they’re open for the whole world. And people definitely underestimate the power of a few good LinkedIn connections. Every semester full of new professors is an opportunity for more networking connections.


  2. It’s crazy because social media is still such a personal life thing for me. I took a class that was all about branding yourself and I ended up having to make a “professional account” on Twitter. It’s great that you could be able to find opportunities through social media that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to find, but at the same time, the line between career and personal life are beginning to blur.


    • That is so true. I have seen people use Facebook almost as a blog about their lives, but I think people are realizing that since whatever is posted on the Internet is permanent, they would rather “brand” themselves. Maybe another platform will arise that will protect people’s right to have a social platform to express themselves. Or maybe it is a good thing that people will continuously censor themselves and what they post because it keeps people hyper-aware of themselves and their reputation.


  3. It’s crazy to see how much expertise is being developed regarding social media. Even just in some of my classes we’ve been taught how to use social media from a marketing perspective.


  4. This is great advice, it’s interesting how technology is becoming so engrained in our lives, and how even to get a job now we have to be “in the know” across various platforms.


  5. This article had really good tips and advice. I think the hash tags could really work because people are on social media constantly and trending the hash tags.


  6. This is great and I know definitely works! I use companies handles when I tweet and some do actually reply. Taco Bell is great with their followers. Social media can definitely be used to our advantage and branding yourself is extremely important.


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