Voice Recognition Software

National Public Radio is beginning a savvy new way to increase profits for advertisers. Using voice recognition software, listeners who are tuning in from their car radio or smartphone can respond with a simple phrase such as “Learn More” after an ad plays, and this will give them more information about the product or service. This is a great new way to increase effectiveness among radio advertising, because with no visual component it is more difficult to convince someone to purchase a product. Radio ads are usually rather short and thus they don’t have a large amount of time to explain all the benefits of what they are advertising.

This new technology paves the way towards the future of a fully interactive technological world. Advertising is coming up with innovative ways to capture the attention of potential customers, and it is using all the senses to do so.

Recently there have also been talks about ingratiating sound advertisements into public transportation windows. This would be using bone conduction technology, passing the sound straight through to the listener’s brain without broadcasting to the entire train or bus. This technique, however, is being critiqued as violating passenger’s rights to rest peacefully during their commute. The general response has been negative, as this type of advertising is seen as intrusive and annoying.

It is important to keep in mind the consumer’s ideals when innovating new ways to advertise. If people are annoyed with the way an advertisement is presented to them, they are much less likely to listen, watch, or eventually purchase the product. NPR’s idea is purely beneficial to the consumer, as it does not force any unwanted advertising time or technique upon the listener. By only providing the information when it is asked for it, the consumer who is actually interested in the product benefits, while the listener who isn’t interested will not be bothered.





4 thoughts on “Voice Recognition Software

  1. This is crazy! I don’t really know how I feel about an ad just being able to pick up my voice and send me more info. I would feel violated in my own car, home…


  2. This is an awesome idea that could potentially solve a lot of the problems associated with advertising on the radio. Allowing the listener to interact with the ad and learn more adds an entire new dimension to advertising on the radio.


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