Twitter Picture Collages

Twitter has found a successful way for advertisers and brands to pack even more content in to their 140 character tweets this week by allowing users to share up to four images in a tweet. The feature is also helping to give visual appeal to the otherwise very plain and link heavy Twitter newsfeed. The social media was already starting to add more visual appeal to their interface earlier this year when they made pictures automatically displayed, rather than having to be clicked on. This was a big step forward but the picture collages are an even bigger step in the right direction. Visuals draw in consumers and make your content more appealing, which is ideal for any brand that is trying to generate awareness to their new innovations or brand image. They can now tell a whole story in a few pictures and instantly get their message across, rather than relying on consumers to click their link and follow it to receive more information.

Some brands have already adopted the collages and are using them to tell brand stories. Several example were brought up in, in an article entitles “Brands experiment with Twitter’s new photo collages”, by Cotton Delo. The first is a contest created by Meow Mix cat food. They are telling the Cat Starter story and then engage their audience by telling them to vote. The brand, Izze, owned by Pepsi, hashtagged #ThirstyThursday and highlights four recipes that can be made using Izze sparkling juices. The last example sited is General Electric’s photo collage that breaks up their new tagline (which is also featured in their ads) in four frames. All of these brands have creatively used Twitter’s new feature to their advantage and successfully reached larger amounts of people just by adding visuals to their social media campaigns. I am excited to see what other brands will do with the new feature and also to see what else Twitter has in store for us this year.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Picture Collages

  1. Good idea! Will help with both visual advertising and will stir in more competition between IG, Twitter, and Pinterest…. or any visual and textual social network, I guess.


  2. I personally don’t like the way that Twitter is evolving. Since their IPO, it seems like they’re trying to be the next Facebook and just be able to adopt for better marketing practices for brands.


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