This Is a Generic Brand Video


Sometimes we just have to make fun of ourselves.  A little healthy self-hating is like chicken soup for the soul; it heals and makes us all warm and cozy.  This video may not make advertisers feel all warm and cozy directly…but it does at least give them a reason to laugh.

Stock video provider Dissolve created a humorous video to highlight the go-to marketing tactics that advertising companies often use in their branding.  From the profound narration, the use of typical “forward-moving,” the words use of ethnic people and other demographics, to the use of generic images and video clips.  We’ve seen it before thousands of times. This is a Generic Brand Video holistically captures advertising/brandings at its truest and finest…or would that be at its worst?  Either way, it’s true and hilarious.

Even though it provides a comedic relief, I question what is next for advertising branding.  Now that we have all had a good laugh and acknowledged these manipulations in video branding, will companies begin to change the way they brand?  I’m doubtful…it works. The heart-warming music, the soothing narration, and inspiring video footage has me believing in the brand in less than 3 minutes.  Call me a sucker, but I can’t help but melt at the Budweiser puppy. And let’s be honest…you can’t either.



Dissolve. (Producer) (2014). This is a generic brand video [Web]. Retrieved from

6 thoughts on “This Is a Generic Brand Video

  1. I really enjoyed this video. It makes you step back and put yourself in the shoes of the advertiser. It is amazing at how vulnerable we are as consumers when it comes to branding.


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