It’s What We Do

For my blog this week I am going to talk about the Scottish Police Federation and their new ad campaign that they recently launched. This new campaign features a series of video commercials that give the viewer the option to decide what they would if they were in the police officers shoes. I think that this series is extremely attention grabbing for it allows the viewer to experience similar emotions to what the specific officer in each video is feeling. Because these ads deliver an emotion to the viewer they are most likely to remember what is being told to them. The only issues that these ads seem to have is that they are lengthy as there is a lot of build up to peak of the advertisement. 

These ads are extremely realistic and somewhat disturbing. 


One thought on “It’s What We Do

  1. This is very interesting and emotional. I wonder what the audience’s reaction was to this. Is it perhaps too graphic and real or have we become so numb to seeing things like this on TV that we don’t even understand the reality of it? Interesting post!


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