Good-bye to the E-Trade Baby

The well-known E-Trade baby featured in the company’s commercials will no longer be seen. Recently, the E-Trade Facebook page read: “Change isn’t just for diapers. Time for me to move on.” So, adios baby! It was good knowin’ you for five, good years of delivering hysterical commercials to the millions of viewers that would for sure make you smile.

There has not been a specific reason as to why E-Trade has decided to change direction. I am excited to see which direction they are headed in and/or whom they choose as the new face or mascot of E-Trade.

“Our business has evolved from day trader to financial partner. To support this shift we have decided to create a new creative campaign. Stay tuned,” states spokeswoman Tracy Seidensticker.

It is evident that many brands hit a point and time where they are forced to change their way of advertising due to new trends, economic changes and needs in the consumers life. As investors become more sophisticated, the way the brand speaks to them must also grow up. “In the broadest sense, the baby campaign was good. But the insight does not resonate with our target audience anymore,” said Russell Messner, global managing director for E-Trade at Ogilvy New York.

Moving forward, the company will focus on targeting E-Trade’s consumers who are equipped with new technologies and tools, now that the financial crisis has convinced investors that their involvement in financial decisions are imperative. Now that the population has taken control, they must become a “passion project.”

I cannot imagine E-Trade going into a route that would not be humorous. I feel that they are known for their funny sarcasm and branching out from the style that has been pretty successful throughout the years would be extreme. However, they may come up with a whole new, risky approach that can be even more engaging than the talking baby.

Baby, you will be missed!



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2 thoughts on “Good-bye to the E-Trade Baby

  1. I think this is a smart decision for E-Trade. The baby advertisements were entertaining when they first came out, but I don’t think they have the same power they once had. Also, the use of babies in advertising is far too common, which doesn’t allow those companies to stand out against the clutter.


  2. I loved the baby! But it definitely makes sense that they’re moving on; it can only work for so long. This reminds me of the T-Mobile campaign that used the random brunette girl in all the pink dresses. She served absolutely no purpose, but she was in ALL of their commercials, sometimes even on a motorcycle. I couldn’t stand her. But like the baby, she could only be marketable for so long.


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