Blessed With Technology

Yesterday, I was informed that one of my family members had passed away. In order to deliver the news, my parents sent me a WhatsApp asking if we could Skype. When I didn’t reply, they called me. The call was short because it is so expensive to call to a cellphone in Chicago from Dubai. This morning, my mom and I were able to Skype for an hour. I have spent the afternoon chatting with my aunt on Facebook Chat, and have sent and received Emails from people back home. 

The point that I am trying to make with this post is something that a classmate touched on just a couple of weeks ago. In 48 hours, I have been informed of a tragic event and I have been able to talk and mourn with my family. And even if it is through a screen, I felt as if I was somewhat there with them. I have never felt so far away from, and at the same time, so close, to home.

It is important not to take anything in life for granted. It is especially important not to take the technology that our generation has been blessed with. If you can, remember to call home. If you can’t call, remember to write. Don’t put it off till tomorrow but instead tell your loved ones know that no matter how far away you are, you are always only a phone call, a Whatsapp, a Skype call, or a Facebook message away. Take advantage of the gift that we have been given. 

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