AOL has sights to become center of digital advertising


You got mail.

Most of us remember hearing that message when logging into our AOL account back when it was popular. It is hard to believe that it has been almost 20 years since AOL boomed during the new internet age of the 90’s. Since then, the mass media corporation has gone through hardships and re-branding. It has been a while since AOL has been in the news, but they made headlines Wednesday when a new advertising platform was introduced.

The new platform is called One, and will be a one-stop shop for marketers looking to buy digital advertising. Television is a media that can be utilized effectively with Adap.TV, an electronic trading platform for video advertising. AOL has been in the dark for a while as mentioned, but they were using that time to do extensive research and development. The platform is essentially a marriage of numerous advertising efforts that AOL has been developing for some time: the efficiency of programmatic ad buying technology, the analytics that give near real-time information on performance and a renewed emphasis on both online and linear television.

AOL is attempting to make a big jump due to the amount of money spent on advertising, especially in the United States.


Television is the main spender and AOL is hoping that it can capitalize with Adap.TV Money isn’t the only reason that the company is joining the advertising game.  Companies buying and selling ad inventory through ad-tech often rely on multiple products along each step of the chain, generating problems such as data loss and tedious cookie syncing. Many opt for this complexity intentionally — working across multiple platforms allows them to identify which one is performing best and then later shift more money in its direction — but AOL is hoping the benefits of minimizing the complications outweigh the drawbacks. Bob Lord, CEO of AOL Platforms, stated it best.

“We are eliminating all of that inefficiency. And then on the backside of it, we’re collecting the data so the data can be used for re-targeting and optimization.”

The company also re-branded their name to AOL Platforms, formerly known as AOL Networks. Advertising revenue is an integral part of AOL’s operations as it moves away from dwindling but lucrative dial up subscriptions.

This is a positive rejuvenation of a media company that was once the most popular services during the internet age. As time changes and the world turn to a more digital outlet, AOL is starting to learn that business is also going digital. We view online ads on a daily basis so it is a smart change by them.

Susan Bidel, a senior analyst at Forrester Market Research Company, has a positive outlook for the once dominant company.

“I think AOL has a very large vision for where the advertising world is going. They see it as one big digital platform. From a marketer’s’ perspective, to be able to plan and execute across platforms for single campaigns, that is the holy grail.”



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2 thoughts on “AOL has sights to become center of digital advertising

  1. I definitely think this has the potential to go one of two ways. It’s either going to be a huge success because the company is totally rebranding itself, or it won’t take off because AOL is hugely associated with the past. In reality, the company is also trying to enter a field where a lot of other company’s have laid down foundation. It certainly isn’t going to be the first place for digital advertising and it probably isn’t the most powerful. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. I’m a fan of AOL and it brings back some nostalgia so it’d be nice to see them back in the game.


  2. I think there is a high chance that AOL will become a success, mainly because our generation has been focusing a lot of our time highlighting things from the past (particularly the 90s) that make us remember the easy times. This could also be detrimental, however, because we might not respond the same to AOL after the change.


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