Advertising Overload


    If you’re living underneath a rock and are not familiar with the TV show Bar Rescue, it’s about a longtime industry consultant who offers his promotional skills and money to fix up failing bars. I happen to enjoy the bar scene so often I find myself glued to these episodes due to the drama and makeovers that these dirty bars receive. Maybe it’s because I’m going into Public Relations and advertising but while watching this show, it’s hard not to notice the overload of advertisements. Throughout the entire show there is an insane amount of product placements and “shout outs,” to companies.

    All the episodes consist of a day for John Taffer, the industry consultant to surveillance the bar, a day of training and remodeling and then the grand opening of the new and improved bar. The advertisements start to bombard you when they’re going through training and remodeling. One example is when they’re in the rebuilding stage of the bar, Jon Taffer says multiple times, “Thank God for Angie’s list, I was able to find reliable and fast carpenters and painters.” Another time product placement is used is when they are training the bartenders to serve up fun cocktails for their guests. Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, and a whole lot of other liquor brands are getting air time. Not only are these liquor companies getting promoted during the episodes but Bar Rescue also has their own website where anyone can revisit to check out the selection of unique cocktails they served up during past episodes.


    Another example of promotions Bar Rescue does is the people they have featured on the show. John Taffer often brings in some extra hands to help these failing bars turn themselves around. He brings people such as well-known mixologists, world famous chefs and Las Vegas promoters to help servers learn how to work the floors and interact with customers. One time he had a famous country singer who wanted to help promote the bar, so the country singer also was getting his air time when he put on his concert for the episode. I don’t think Bar Rescue tries to be discreet with their advertisements throughout their episodes, because they’re not subtle. Also because they then promote and list all companies and people who helped make the bar rescues a success on their website and blog.

    Over all I enjoy watching Bar Rescue and although the advertisements are overwhelming, the show is a good example of promotions and product placements done well.




4 thoughts on “Advertising Overload

  1. It is funny that you mention this because as an AD/PR major I feel like I notice product placement much more than my friends and family do. It’s crazy how often you can find them on TV when you really pay attention.


  2. I understand that it can be a little too much with product promotions. However, I think it this case it is okay because it’s a bar so you need the brands that people will recognize. The bar is trying to get fixed so having brand promotions gives them a good image because they are helping a bar out that needs help.


  3. I’d definitely rather see heavy product placement in reality TV shows and shows like this than in fictional programming. I think that it fits a lot better here and people also notice it a lot more. Personally, I haven’t seen this show but from watching similar spots, I know how heavy product placement can be. It’s always interesting to see who pays to have their names mentioned, etc.


  4. It’s interesting to see a show that clearly really thrives and profits off of a lot of product placement advertising. I also agree that reality shows like Bar Rescue can ingratiate advertising into its program much more seamlessly than other types of shows. These products are definitely largely benefitting too, because by being on Bar Rescue they get to target their key demographic: people who enjoy going to bars and have interest in purchasing the liquor brands showed.


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