Ronald McDonald for Taco Bell

When Taco Bell announced the launch of their new breakfast menu they made it clear that they weren’t aiming for 1st place. They accepted that McDonalds would always be #1 when it came to fast food breakfast food. That’s why they announced they were striving to be second and proud of it.

Taco Bell is certainly living up to their promise. They’ve recruited McDonald’s own Ronald McDonald, not the clown though. No, Taco Bell rounded up dozens of Americans named Ronald McDonald and had them try their new breakfast food. The slogan for the campaign, “Delicious new breakfast everyone can love, even Ronald McDonald”.

The beauty of these ads is that they aren’t making fun of or slandering McDonalds. Instead, Taco Bell is using humor to poke fun at their second class standing. The commercials were meant to be a new idea outside of the traditional good-looking beauty shots of food (which McDonalds is famous for). As CEO Mike Shelton stated,” The advertising had to have a scale that befitted the challenge of launching an entirely new day-part for Taco Bell. Something that had food and price wasn’t enough. It had to be something that caused a cultural conversation about what we eat for breakfast”. This campaign certainly does start a conversation.

I think it’s great what Taco Bell did. The commercials are simple. They highlight average Americans. They also indirectly state that those who enjoy McDonalds breakfast will also enjoy Taco Bell breakfast. By having Ronald McDonald (albeit not the traditional clown) support Taco Bell, you give creditability to the taste of Taco Bell’s breakfast.  The commercials won’t be a long term campaign for sure, but they are doing a good job of announcing to everyone that Taco Bell breakfast is here.

Check out the new commercials for yourself

8 thoughts on “Ronald McDonald for Taco Bell

  1. What a genius campaign. I’m not a fan of Taco Bell myself, but you have to give it to them that this is a brilliant marketing campaign in the competitive world of “fast-food breakfast.” I love that they understand their second place status and play upon it. Bravo, Taco Bell.


  2. Props to Taco Bell for being extremely innovative and poking fun at the fact that they will not be able to keep up with McDonalds as #1 for breakfast food. McDonalds must have gotten a kick out of this ad! It makes me want to try out the breakfast menu at Taco Bell.


  3. This is such a creative campaign. It also goes along with Taco Bell’s humorous approach to advertising and social media. They are definitely a brand that isn’t afraid to try different ways of getting people’s attention.


  4. This is one of the more creative campaigns I’ve seen in a business. When one thinks of fast-food breakfast, many people first think of McDonalds breakfast. It is the most popular fast-food breakfast place, so Taco Bell is doing a smart thing by taking a shot at McDonalds with their own mascots name. I had a good laugh and convinced me to go get Taco Bell breakfast the next day. It got my attention so I decided to give it a try.


  5. We talked about this a lot in our marketing class but, I think that it is still a little insulting to do this to McDonalds. If they’re doing this to get peoples attention they definitely are.


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