Ronald McDonald Loves Taco Bell’s New Breakfast – Wait, what?


Taco Bell now serves breakfast. My hometown was one of the test markets for the new menu, and when the waffle taco hit the stores of Omaha, NE, I stayed far away. Taco Bell isn’t really my thing, but when I saw their newest line of commercials, the brand definitely caught my eye. When I think of previous Taco Bell ads, I think of “Think outside the bun” and “Fourth meal”. However, now, I think I’ll think of Ronald McDonald.

Taco Bell’s newest commercial features Ronald McDonald – actually Ronald McDonalds – recommending their new breakfast items. That’s right, various people from all over the country who are named Ronald McDonald are recommending Taco Bell breakfast. According to the Washington Post, “Taco Bell’s ad agency, Deutsch LA, found around 400 men and women with the name Ronald McDonald, Ronnie McDonald or some variation, Niccol said. A couple of dozen were selected to represent different regions around the country including Bossier City, La.; Chicago; Dubuque, Iowa; Kane, Pa.; and Worcester, Ma.” All of the Ronald McDonalds in these ads have very positive reactions to the breakfast, saying things like, “It’s not messy” and “Mmm, real good” and “It has everything I like.” Taco Bell President Brian Niccol said that while these men were paid to appear in the commercial, their reactions were genuine. This ad is the biggest campaign ever for the company.

I find it interesting that Taco Bell is still pursuing breakfast since McDonald’s is the number one company with breakfast, holding 31 percent of the category, and in test markets, Taco Bell’s breakfast only accounted for 4 percent of sales. But it’s hilarious that Taco Bell is blatantly poking fun at their number one competitor with this ad. I wonder if McDonalds will ever have a response for them. The strategy to turn heads and make Taco Bell stand out will be an interesting one. However, I do wonder if the ad will draw enough attention to Taco Bell, or will it backfire and put more on McDonalds? Will it be funny to consumers, or dumb, or just plain inappropriate? It will be interesting to see how the ad will be received. After all, if Ronald McDonald, the name of the number one fast food breakfast in the country, approves it, how can it go wrong?



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3 thoughts on “Ronald McDonald Loves Taco Bell’s New Breakfast – Wait, what?

  1. For starters, this ad is going to create a ton of buzz. How strange of Taco Bell to find 400 Ronald McDonald’s and get them to eat, enjoy, and then promote their new breakfast menu? I think it was interesting that by promoting this new menu, they simultaneously poked fun (if that) at their leading competitor.


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  3. I think this was definitely a smart move by Taco Bell, because it obviously has created a lot of talk about the chain. Whether their breakfast is actually better than McDonald’s is questionable, but by drawing attention to themselves I’m sure they’re going to win over quite a few customers.


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