Virtual Reality Facebook?


Virtual reality and augmented reality are two technological advancements that have been catching the eyes of people all around the world and Facebook wants it’s share. The more publicized of the two technologies has definitely been augmented reality, such as Google Glass and other phone applications that feature augmented reality until Facebook recently acquired the leading virtual reality company in the world for 2 billion dollars, Oculus Rift Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality has generally been something seen only in movies, until recently. Over the past decade, advancements in technology have grown exponentially. Technological engineers have been playing with the concept of augmented reality and virtual reality. Both are have endless opportunities to enhance our day-to-day living, but what is exactly the difference between the two, and why did Facebook choose to invest in virtual reality instead of augmented reality?

Augmented reality simply means ‘enhanced reality’. The process of augmented is just adding some extra data to the perception of things around us which are not visible memories. On the other hand virtual reality is quite different, it literally means ‘reality with imaginary’. It refers to the stimulation of reality in a way that it looks and feels but is not real.

Below I have attached a video that  demonstrates what one would experience using a virtual reality headset created by Oculus Rift.


Lately it seems like Facebook has been buying companies left and right. After a acquiring Instagram, WhatApp and now this virtual reality company, it feels like they wont stop until they own a little bit of everything. In my opinion this is a really bold move for Facebook that could really pay off in the end. My reasoning is this, Facebook has been making a lot of “safe buys” in terms of customer support that Instagram and WhatsApp already have. Now Facebook is going in a completely different direction with virtual reality, an idea that has a lot of interest but not a lot of financial support. I think the acquirement of Oculus Rift creates an opportunity for differentiation among all other social media sites. I am extremely interested to see what kind of innovations that Facebook will create with virtual reality and even more so the innovations spurred on by competing social media hubs.

As of now, the exact plans that Facebook has for integrating virtual reality into their media mix are unknown, but the idea alone is getting people talking about endless possibilities.

What do you think about Facebook buying Oculus Rift? and what do you think are some of the possibilities and challenges that Facebook might encounter while pursuing the integration of virtual reality?


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2 thoughts on “Virtual Reality Facebook?

  1. I am honestly really confused by the brands that Facebook has acquired lately. They’re both really expensive purchases by a company whose native product is suffering and losing popularity, and I’m not sure that WhatsApp and Oculus will make Facebook any more relevant. It will be especially interesting to see what they’ll do with virtual reality though!


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