Billboard gets Trending On Twitter

It’s safe to say that people aren’t just updating statuses and uploading photos when they log onto Twitter or Facebook anymore. Personally one of my favorite features is the trending category. It’s a great tool to see what the main stories around the world are and what people are talking about most. Pretty soon, news and celebrities wont be the only topic covered in Twitter’s trending list.

Twitter is working with Billboard to release a trending list for top songs, singers and albums of current and upcoming acts. Billboard will deliver the a list of the top trenders periodically throughout the week. Executives at Billboard are excited to continue to deliver music popularity measurement through a new outlet that will reach millions of more people.

This advancement will no doubt change the way music popularity is measured. It will show what music matters at that very moment in time. Millions of people, including myself periodically, look at Billboard for the Top 100 songs, Top 200 albums and others. In total 200 charts make up Billboard, which also has articles, podcasts, and interviews.

What artists and songs do think we benefit from this new trending list? Will you looking at what is trending in music? Be sure to check out @billboard if you do!


5 thoughts on “Billboard gets Trending On Twitter

  1. Another cool thing about the trending portion of Twitter is that you can make it specific to your location – for example, what’s trending in Chicago, Dallas, New York, or the US as a whole?

    However, I don’t like that Billboard will have influence in this trending portion of Twitter. I like that trends are a direct reflection of what people are talking about, not what they’re listening to.


  2. I’m not sure that the Billboard integration will be relevant. I like how trending topics are the way they are now- what people are talking about. It’s a cool, interesting feature though.. I wonder if the Billboard integration will have the capability to be area specific too.


  3. I feel like this will only centralize music even further. Billboard to me is like the top 40 with Ryan Seacrest. It’s honestly what’s catchy and who’s big that has released a new single. It will be great promotion and marketing for artists who are already relevant, but in terms of benefiting the spread of good music in general.. I think this will not contribute to that.


  4. It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure if will really be worth the invest for Billboard. Nor do I like how they will be able to influence the trends. Like mentioned above, trends are trends because tweeters are buzzing about them–because we make them trends…not companies.


  5. I think big companies, like Billboard, already have enough influence on the music industry and music trends. I don’t necessarily think this will change that for the worse, it is what it is, and big companies have had a hold on music trends for a long time using various methods.


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