Insta-Famous Toddler Gets More Likes Than You

Meet “Mayhem”, age four. She can’t operate an iPhone by herself, but I guarantee she’s getting more likes on Instagram than you. Before you get irritated by another mom posting cute pictures of her kid on Instagram, you should know that Mayhem is getting all this attention because she is a small time designer.

Like many kids, Mayhem started getting into dress up at age three. She quickly tired of donning her overdone and store-bought outfits, and she had an idea one day to start creating her own outfits. The first outfit was a simple one, a belted blanket, and her mom posted it to Instagram.

The pair started working with all sorts of materials to make fashions for Mayhem. Their favorite medium is paper: construction is great for structure and tissue paper makes great skirts. Mayhem and her mom made the dresses for a few months and posted them all to Instagram, where they were pretty popular.


A few weeks ago, it all changed. Mayhem, after watching the red carpet Oscar special, was very inspired by all of the celebrity dresses. She went on to create craft supply replicas of some of the most talked about awards night dresses (with a little help from her mom, of course). However, her mom is very clear that all of the ideas are 100% Mayhem’s and she even has learned how to construct dresses on her own. Their take on Lupita Nyong’o’s striking red Ralph Lauren dress was borderline professional.

Mayhem is responsible for so much more than just celebrity dresses. Her mom’s personal favorite is her chic construction paper version of the idyllic Snow White dress. She also uses inspiration from her everyday life to make wackier dresses, like the shark dress she crafted after her first trip to the aquarium.

I think what these two are doing is really a wonderful thing. In this day and age, childhood creativity is being completely stifled by all of the electronics that kids have access to. New media is a great thing, and if it encourages kids to step away from the TV and go and create something, it could put younger generations back on track. Mayhem and her mom have proved that social media can help you in being creative and sharing it with the world. I highly encourage that you check out their account at @2Sisters_Angie and see all of these painfully cute portraits!


5 thoughts on “Insta-Famous Toddler Gets More Likes Than You

  1. This little girl rocks! How creative and unique. It’s a nice change to see her using social media but not excessively. Her mother and I are only using social media to share her cute designs.


  2. This is refreshing to see a little girl playing dress-up with paper dresses. Compared to the kid-models that are photographed wearing mini imitations of dresses worn at the Oscars, this is much more endearing and less terrifying. Children should be able to pretend to be a grown-up on social media outlets with parent supervision without being treated as if they are older.


  3. This little girl is a hit! It’s great to see how creative young kids are and being able to display their creativity on social media without being addicted. She became “famous” for just being a kid and playing dress up. How adorable!


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