Honey Maid Embraces Diversity

In a brand new advertisement for Honey Maid, several diverse married couples are featured to showcase the pledge that Honey Maid has made towards developing wholesome products for an evolving world. That evolution includes encouraging diversity and embracing a dynamic society. The company has also included a social media campaign asking consumers to use the hashtag “#thisiswholesome” in order to get the conversation going about their own “wholesome” and dynamic families. This is just another example of a company taking a closer look at diversity in this country and using it to their advantage in the business world. The target audience is large, and this campaign will appeal to the masses and will encourage them to purchase products from a company that is friendly towards difference. The new face of advertising is one that sends positive feedback towards current social movements, and a lot of companies have been taking this approach. I enjoy seeing companies use legitimate and current issues being tackled in this country and applying those back to their own products and business missions. It makes the companies seem more responsive to consumer wants and needs, which is definitely effective and will make people want to purchase their products from companies that are socially aware. I do think though that because many companies are creating advertising campaigns like this one, that in time it could seem a little phony. Consumers aren’t always going to necessarily want the people behind their favorite products to be taking political or social sides, because the shopping experience is not supposed to be politically involved. That could also hurt sales depending on the stance that they choose to take. I definitely enjoy seeing advertisements such as this but I can also see how they can hurt those companies in the long run.  



Schultz, E. (n.d.). Honey Maid’s Take on Wholesome Families Includes Gay Couple. Advertising Age. Retrieved March 17, 2014, from http://adage.com/article/see-the-spot/honey-maid-s-wholesome-families-includes-gay-couple/292074

3 thoughts on “Honey Maid Embraces Diversity

  1. I think this is a great advertising approach that needs to be used more frequently by other brands. It’s a strong campaign that I think will really pull in all kinds of people and families and will actually evoke emotion.


  2. I agree this is a great advertising approach, and I think more companies should be taking it. Playing off peoples emotions is great way to sell products.


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