Do It For the Vine!


Since Vine was first launched last January, it has had a significant amount of impact on the social media world. Becoming the most downloaded video-sharing app within just 4 months of its launch, many of the 6-second videos have gone viral, making some users Vine celebs. More talk show hosts have segments in their shows dedicated to Vine celebs. Just a few weeks ago, Ellen Degeneres even sent Vine star Jerome Jarre to the Oscars to interview attending stars.

I am personally shocked by how far Vine stardom has come. Just a few weeks ago while I was a family party at the Hyatt, there was also a Vine star meet and greet going on during the same time. By how many teen girls were crying and screaming, I first thought someone died. However, when I learned what was really going on, I got somewhat upset.


Is this really all it takes to be famous these days? When I was a teenager (which was less than a decade ago) the people my peers and I admired were actually known for a talent. It’s strange enough to see how stars like Kim Kardashian and Snooki became through reality TV, let alone the people who make silly 6-second videos. What does this superficial admiration truly say about our culture?

Also, could the hype on reality and social media stars be a threat to the art of film and entertainment? There are hardly any scripted shows anymore and the few shows that are out all lack diversity. I could only imagine who the celebs will be in a few years from now and what other social media platforms will be created. Though apps like Vine help connect fans from all over the world, I miss the times where the only people who were working the red carpet were actually talented. American pop culture is quickly evolving. Do you think it’s evolving for the better?

5 thoughts on “Do It For the Vine!

  1. I use vine all the time but only primarily to watch videos. I think its crazy that vine has generated vine celebrities especially since it is only a 6 second video. If these are the kinds of people that are becoming role models its really disappointing.


  2. I think that vine is definitely a really great source of entertainment…but not really a “legitimate” kind, I guess. It’s really easy for people to get famous nowadays, so it’s not necessarily based off of real talent anymore.


  3. One of my good friends has gained 2k vine followers within the past few weeks… Although 2k isn’t really considered “vine famous,” it was virtually effortless for her to gain those followers. I think Vine is great for entertainment purposes, but definitely doesn’t create legitimate celebrities.


  4. I think Vine is an interesting social media app that has followed Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But unlike those other apps, it had basically its, “15 seconds of fame” and was done. I don’t think it has the potential to create legit celebrities from it because of its subtle success in the social media world as compared to people who are “YouTube Famous.” It’s a great entertainment outlet and can be fun to skim through, but it doesn’t have enough to really hold onto its users’ attention.


  5. I have mutual friends with “Jack and Jack”, some of the most popular Viners in the Vine community as of lately. I have heard a lot of gossip about how the fame has affected them and they are actually making a fortune off of Vine by having Vine conventions all over the company. It’s crazy how such a simple app can create such a fangirl phenomenon and allow people to gain such fame.


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