Canadian Zombies Would Be Awesome

The first two seconds made me fall out of my seat. The rest of the 3-minute clip had me in giggles.

Growing up in a generation obsessed with the undead, this is the first advertisement that utilized this spooky theme in a more creative way. Instead of the blood thirsty, brainless drones zombie are usually depicted as, we were introduced to Antoine Zombe´, the friendly Canadian zombie.

Antoine breaks the boring mold of horror creatures. Thanks to his Canadian charm, the audience gets to watch a zombie who is too sweet try to break into the cold world of film. This advertisement nailed the typical Canadian stereotype. The man was tall, polite to a fault, and even ate maple syrup with his breakfast. 

However, a minute in to the advertisement, the novelty of this skit wears off. You start to wonder why you are watching a zombie fail an audition for a zombie role. He is lovable but he is also a zombie. It should not be so hard to slap a snarl on your face and get the role you were LITERALLY born for.

You can easily get lost in the semantics and minor details of the video, and   lose focus on the motivation behind this video. It is only within the last 10 seconds where the Canadian Film Festival is finally introduced.

Toronto is holding its annual Film Fest celebrating all Canadian movies. When thinking of the movie industry, Canada does not come to mind. You tend to picture Los Angeles, New York, and even Atlanta before even considering Toronto as a viable opportunity.

Although I cannot go to Canada in time for the festival, I am still intrigued about their films because of this advertisement. It is effective because the Canadians use its typical labels to their advantage. The pure creativity and self-deprecating humor of this video is a great introduction for what to expect from the Film Fest.  

Canada is not Hollywood. Maybe that is a good thing.



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