The Selfie Stick


The word “Selfie” was chosen as the Oxford word of the year for 2013. This word is used to refer to how individuals everywhere are taking pictures of themselves in a funny, creative, and just ordinary way. We use Snapchat and Instagram to post the pictures of these sefies and to share them with our friends across social media. President Barack Obama as well as other major figures have caught on to the selfie craze!

But an issue that has come about this selfie revolution is the fact that since we are taking the pictures ourselves it is hard to capture exactly what you want since your arm length is limited. There is now a solution to this problem!! It’s the innovative Selfie Stick!

This innovation only proves the reality and severity of our craze with selfies. It not only allows you to capture a bigger picture and include more people in the picture but it also allows you to capture your picture in any kind of angle. Asian teens created this extendable metal wand one, which includes Diana Hemas Sari, an entrepreneur from Indonesia. Southeast Asia has become the region with the most active selfie snappers.

Sari and her friends now created a mechanism to lift their phones 3 feet higher. Sari also explains that it is much easier to take selfies than asking strangers to take pictures of them out in public. “It’s become a trend,” Sari states.  This monopod got the name the selfie stick because Sari and her friends only use the monopod to take clear and precise selfies. “It’s just a monopod, monopod, monopod.” The price of selfie sticks go for about $18.00.

But will this selfie stick phenomena make it to the U.S?

No one knows what the future of the selfie stick and if it will catch on as quickly as it did in Asia. All we know is that the selfie trend is growing especially because of its famous debut in the Oscars by celebrities including Ellen Degeneres and Jennifer Lawrence. Soulaya Lestary, Sari’s friend, says, “Actually, we’re so surprised it’s not famous in your place.”

I personally don’t see myself ever having or purchasing a selfie stick but who knows? It could become the next trend…


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9 thoughts on “The Selfie Stick

  1. I’ve seen the “selfie stick” on the internet before and think it’s hilarious. It definitely shows how connected our generation is to social media and how we feel obliged to share every bit of our lives with our online network.


  2. nnnoooooo…. no more selfies! I am so tired of seeing people or talking to people (so rude) that are taking selfies for social media use. Since when is app behavior like Snapchat selfies and Tinder dates socially acceptable and not taboo? And will I have to not only walk in to people that are constantly staring at their small screen but additionally have to look for a selfie stick up in the air?! I don’t know how I feel about that…

    Signed, Grandma Caroline (haha)


  3. I think the “selfie stick” is hilarious! It just shows what our generation has come to and our obsession with conserving every moment and sharing every moment with our network. I don’t think the selfie stick will catch on because I think people will be more embarrassed to be seen with this stick that helps them take photos of themselves. People also want convenience, which is why they use their phones to take pictures instead of a camera. To have to carry around this stick is not very convenient.


  4. I’ve actually seen these around being used by tourists in the city! I think they’re hilarious, but definitely useful and helpful so you can avoid that awkward, “excuse me, but, would you mind taking a picture of us in front of this real quick?,” and it makes the process easier for everyone. I think it’s clever, but can be kind of obnoxious.


  5. I think this is hilarious, but also very sad it just goes to show how deep the narcism in our society is…. we now need a toll to take selfies.


  6. Really? This is so pathetic. I really hope this doesn’t become a thing that everybody has. I would be so embarrassed to use one of these. Where is the line drawn?


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