Children Are The Best Advertisers

I was watching a random YouTube video and this commercial came up as an advertisement before my actual video streamed. Usually I skip these videos as soon as the skip button allows me too but for some reason I continued to watch this one. What I didn’t know was that this commercial is almost a year old, but regardless of its age this is such a clever commercial for several reasons.

The first reason is that Annie’s used children in this “experiment” so it attracted an audience of all ages. As a young adult I can relate to how hard it must’ve been as a child or a human, to resist touching or eating tempting food placed in front of me. If a parent were to watch this commercial, they may be amazed by the children’s self restraint and relate the Annie’s brand to being kid friendly. Whether you are a young adult or a parent this commercial is clever because there is something so innocent and loveable about children they appear as the most truthful and honest marketers out there.

The second reasons that this commercial is great is because the Annie’s brand image is maintained through this advertisement. When most consumers think of Annie’s as a brand they think of healthy, kid and family friendly food. It is often hard to combine all three elements together, but Annie’s is able to successfully do so. Parents may often struggle with feeding their children healthy yet delicious meals and in this commercial parents are able to see that they can actually do both.

The last reason why this commercial is wonderful is because it is so simple. It doesn’t require the audience to think too hard and try and figure out what was going on. The narration and visuals are simple and make the commercial cute and lighthearted. Also, the kids are adorable so that is a bonus too!

7 thoughts on “Children Are The Best Advertisers

  1. I think its a great idea to advertise to children because they are the ones who convince parents to purchase what they want. They have a lot of say in what products are purchased in the household.


  2. I think this is precious- and definitely applies to the 3 B’s we discussed in class- beauty, beast, and baby. It’s amazing how kids tend to grab the audience’s attention, and their hearts.


  3. I am now starving. I would definitely be one of the kids who couldn’t wait. In more serious terms, this ad is fantastic. Children are the best critics because they do not have a filter or any sense of social standards. If they do not like it, they won’t eat it and will tell you why. The fact that so many of the kids waited, showed how desirable the product is. Side note: some of these kids to learn how to use a fork.


  4. it’s really smart to use children for this ad, seeing as kids are going to be the ones who are eating the product more often than adults. they’re going to give completely honest feedback, which is definitely helpful in the advertising world.


  5. The only commercials I can actually seem to bear and find interest in are those with kids. They are so likable, relatable and adorable that they draw you in and make you just love the advertisement, the brand AND the kid. I think it’s a great advertising tool to use kids because they’re going to give total honest feedback regarding the product and easily draw the audience in with their cuteness.


  6. This is the most adorable commercial. I love it. It reminds me of the cute AT&T commercials! My favorite commercials are the ones with children and I think it’s because kids are just so adorable to anyone at any age. The appeal is irresistible.


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